Valentina Nieddu

Valentina Nieddu is a Communication Specialist based in Italy. She graduated from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) in Languages for Communication in International Enterprises, with a case study about sustainable business in Europe. Valentina has been vegan since 2010, when she was only 15 years old. As a professional in the communication field, she has always tried to inform people about the reasons supporting the vegan choice, using reliable sources. In particular, she aims at telling stories about people giving their positive and personal contribution to the animal cause, so that they can inspire others. That is why she joined The Vegan Review in March 2020.
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cruelty free beauty box

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box: Ethical and sustainable vegan beauty

The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box is a great way to discover new sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. The world of subscription boxes now offers quite...
brighton vegan

The Ultimate Guide to vegan restaurants in Brighton

Brighton is one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to some of the best plant-based restaurants there. What’s better than a...
vegan eco-friendly handbags

Vegan handbags: 3 eco-friendly brands to add to your wishlist

While vegan handbags are commonplace now, they aren’t always ethical. Here are three bands that use eco-friendly materials to make their accessories. Vegan accessories have...
vegan suncare

Summer Must-Haves: The Best Vegan Suncare

As people make their way to beaches, it’s vital to protect our skins from the sun. But it’s equally important to use suncare that...
Valentina Nieddu

‘Vegan Fairs’ Goes Digital During COVID-19

The month of May is usually known as the beginning of the festival season in many European countries, including the UK. However, after the...
Valentina Nieddu

Cosmetic testing on animals: Heading toward a worldwide ban?

Animal Testing: Does it Still Exist? During the last century, many associations were created with the purpose of banning the painful cosmetic tests performed on...
Valentina Nieddu

Vegan diets and kidney stones: What you should know

Veganism and Health Australian star Liam Hemsworth declared he interrupted his vegan diet after suspecting that it may have been a factor for his kidney...
Valentina Nieddu

When Vegan ‘Meat’ Meets Food Culture

Vegan Meat Alternatives The market of meat substitutes is constantly growing, and it is now even involving major supermarket chains like Lidl who have recently...
Valentina Nieddu

A History Of Writers Standing For Animal Rights

Animal Rights Through the Ages Animal rights has long been a topic of interest for many authors and philosophers, starting with the Ancient Greeks and...
Valentina Nieddu

4 Stylish And Ethical Vegan Shoe Brands

Some years ago, buying a new pair of shoes as a vegan was a tough mission: you needed to check every label and still…...