The Ultimate Guide to vegan restaurants in Brighton

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Brighton is one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to some of the best plant-based restaurants there.

What’s better than a city on the ocean, surrounded by natural greenery, outstanding cultural sites and good vegan restaurants? Brighton is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK, as it has a wide network of vegan businesses, including restaurants and shops. 

One of the most innovative and colourful English cities, Brighton is also known for its inclusiveness and hospitality. Vegans can always feel at home in Brighton. In particular, when having a stroll through the North Laine, it is possible to see all the vegan options this city offers, with restaurants, small shops and supermarkets. The number of cruelty-free businesses is snowballing across the world, and a similar increase is clearly visible in Brighton. 

This Ultimate Guide will help you locate the best vegan options you can find in Brighton. These plant-based restaurants and bars will not disappoint you.

The Prince George


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The Prince George pub in Trafalgar Square was one of Brighton’s first vegan and vegetarian businesses. If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time with your loved ones, or would like to cocoon yourself after a long day, this is the right place. It’s the king of comfort food and high-quality beers.

On its brand new summer menu, you can find burritos, burgers, nachos, cheesy fries and much more. And on Sundays, you may want to try the traditional Sunday roast. With regard to the premises, The Prince George is an informal but stylish traditional pub, with many tables both inside and outside.



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Purezza is considered by many as the best fully plant-based pizzeria in the UK. Founded in 2015, this revolutionary restaurant only uses top-quality ingredients, reaching the perfect balance between Italian food tradition and vegan values.

The menu is very interesting: it includes many original pizza options, including some sweet options. It is also possible to find many other Italian dishes like lasagnas and the traditional Italian calzone. The place is nice but small, so it is better to make a reservation.

Food for Friends


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If you are looking for the right place for a date or a special occasion, Food for Friends suits your needs. This is one of the most famous vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Brighton and is located in an elegant building on Prince Albert Street.

Food for Friends’ vegan dishes completely match the atmosphere of the place: quality is key. Its menu is colorful and very original. Among its best dishes are the faux oyster with black beans and rosemary hummus and Italian gnocchi. This restaurant is also known for its fabulous cocktails: you can make a stop just for a stylish drink.

Wai Kika Moo Kau


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Established in 1990, Wai Kika Moo Kau is located in Kensington Garden, near North Laine, where you can find lots of vegan shops like Eden Perfumes or Vegetarian Shoes. Its beautiful and delicious dishes include avocado toast, falafel, scrambled tofu, spring rolls and many other treats.

This vegan cafe is one of the best places for a relaxed family brunch or a special lunch or breakfast. Wai Kika Mou Kau’s chubby pancakes will certainly induce you in temptation. The atmosphere is friendly and you can see how much this ethical business cares about the vegan cause.

Loving Hut


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Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant group, founded by Ching Hai in the US. Every restaurant belonging to the brand offers a different menu, based on the location. In Brighton, Loving Hut serves many international vegan dishes, like noodles, burrito, falafel, vegan fish and chips, faux duck and much more.

This chain of restaurants is famous for its wonderful cakes and sweets. Even the place looks very elegant: everything is literally green and it can host a fair number of people.

Paskins Town House


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This is not a restaurant, nor a bar. Paskins is an Art Deco-themed hotel that serves fantastic vegan breakfasts. Staying at this hotel, it is easy to imagine the glam of the Roaring Twenties, thanks to its perfect vintage atmosphere.

Moreover, when it’s breakfast time, the vegan options you can find on the menu are definitely worth (even more than) a try. From the traditional English breakfast including vegan sausages, mushrooms, and beans on the toast to the sweet alternative with vegan nut spread, butter and toasted bread, there’s something for everyone.

Green Kitchen


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Green Kitchen is an independent business started producing plant-based rashes. It launched in 2015 and soon became a bigger project. You can find this lovely cafe in Preston Road, where the hardest decision will be choosing among all the different vegan dishes on its rich menu. The environment is friendly and perfect for relaxing.

Veg’up Your Day

A 100% plant-based stand on the Brighton pier, the opening of Veg’up satisfied the burning desire of many people. While relaxing (or sunbathing) in one of Brighton’s most visited areas, you can also have your vegan fish and chips, a wrap, or a fabulous vegan burger with fries. Starting from this summer, there will be 22 seats available on the terrace.

Valentina Nieddu
Valentina Nieddu
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