Why can I not click turn off on some of your advertisements?

The Vegan Review shows advertisements from 3rd party vendors, and we also manage our own advertising. Advertisements managed by us are directly built into our web pages and therefore cannot be removed. Advertising is a core part of our platform which enables us to deliver a premium service to our visitors.

Why do I see advertisements of products that are not vegan?

To further monetize our website, we use 3rd party ad vendors. although we try our best to control the quality of these advertisements and ensure they align with our ethics, sometimes this can be difficult. We hope one day to completely remove these advertisements from our website and we thank you for your support and understanding.

I’d like a story to be covered

Please email any suggestions to ‘hello@theveganreview.com‘…We’d be happy to hear from you!

How do I advertise with you?

For tailored advertising packages please email ‘advertise@theveganreview.com