Summer Must-Haves: The Best Vegan Suncare

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As people make their way to beaches, it’s vital to protect our skins from the sun. But it’s equally important to use suncare that is vegan and climate-friendly.

Summer is finally here and, with it, comes part of our old freedoms. Restrictions due to COVID-19 have been eased during the first week of July, letting people enjoy nature, friendship and the sun, while respecting the necessary sanitary rules.

A lot of people are heading to the beaches, and generally speaking, it’s possible to swim or sunbath. When we visit a place in the wilderness, especially if we want to protect our skin from the sun and have a bath, it is important to choose a sunscreen that will not damage the environment. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that the most common chemicals in the majority of supermarket sunscreens can provoke major damages to coral reefs.

Moreover, attention must be paid to the issues related to animal testing. In February 2019, the FDA asked for new toxicology tests on animals concerning many ingredients contained in sunscreens, to test their alleged toxicity. Cruelty-Free International urged activists to take action and wrote about the ineffectiveness of those tests, but it is still not clear whether the FDA decided to go back the same way.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands worldwide that adopt an ethical and cruelty-free policy. There are products available for every budget.


Coola vegan suncare
Photo: Coola/Twitter

One of the most famous specialised luxury brands is Coola. Their light blue packaging is reminiscent of lighthearted afternoons spent by the sea. Coola’s products are certified cruelty-free and they are all suitable for vegans.

This company produces vegan suncare products that do not contain any ingredients that may damage reefs, and they claim 70% of their raw materials are certified organic.

Among all their interesting products, you’ll find their makeup range, including tinted BB creams with sunscreen and a makeup setting spray. They also offer a wide range of sun lotions for the body.


Madára’s range is medium-priced and includes the basic products you need to sunbathe safely. One of their more popular products is the Sun20 Weightless Sun Milk, rich in aloe vera juice, which absorbs immediately. It holds back photoaging and dark spots, two risks related to sunbathing.

To further avoid such risks, Madára’s self-tanning lotion Fake It will not let you down. You can find their complete suncare range on Love Lula. The only products that are not vegan (because of beeswax) are their anti-pollution CC cream and their antioxidant face sunscreen SPF30.


vegan suncare
Photo: Jāsön

If you’re on a budget, opt for Jāsön. They offer a family of sun protection products safe for the skin and the environment, as it does not contain any oxybenzone or octinoxate. It is also fragrance-free and biodegradable.

You can buy this on Jāsön’s official website. In their online store, there are also some good body butters and lotions for after-sun care, especially those containing coconut extract and aloe vera juice. 

Valentina Nieddu
Valentina Nieddu
Valentina Nieddu is a Communication Specialist based in Italy. She graduated from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) in Languages for Communication in International Enterprises, with a case study about sustainable business in Europe. Valentina has been vegan since 2010, when she was only 15 years old. As a professional in the communication field, she has always tried to inform people about the reasons supporting the vegan choice, using reliable sources. In particular, she aims at telling stories about people giving their positive and personal contribution to the animal cause, so that they can inspire others. That is why she joined The Vegan Review in March 2020.