Yasmin Jafar

Yasmin is a journalism undergraduate at City, University of London who is a massive foodie — especially for anything dessert- or coffee-based! She’s passionate about food, its history, and researching and reviewing different diets around the world.
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eco friendly dairy alternatives

Sustainable plant-based milk: how macadamia and pea are hitting the right notes

While the likes of oat and almond have taken the world by storm, plant-based milks from macadamia and pea are riding the sustainability wave. The...
soy effects

The benefits and effects of soy, according to a nutritionist

A popular alternative for vegans and a crucial component in plant-based diets, what are soy’s nutritional benefits and side effects? If you’re part of the...
nut allergy vegan

Allergies and veganism: balancing plant-based diets with nut allergies

Within veganism, nuts are used as a protein source or alternative ingredient, but what does that mean for those with serious allergies to nuts? Although...
russia vegan

Veganism in Russia: the past, present and future

Typically, veganism isn’t associated with Russia. However, it has significant historical ties and is becoming increasingly popular in the region. Growing up with an amalgam...

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