Lok Yi Siu

Lok Yi is a student born and raised in Hong Kong, with a strong passion for animal welfare and the environment. She believes in making veganism accessible to everyone. With a love for cooking, baking, and eating, she hopes to introduce the world of veganism to others through the power of irresistible food.
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vegan instant noodles

8 instant noodles from Asia that are surprisingly vegan

An Asian staple, instant noodles and ramen typically contain meat and other animal products. Here are some that are naturally vegan. Typically, Asian instant noodles...
veganism health

A dietitian’s take on whether veganism can be sustainable for your health

Celebrities and influencers renouncing veganism has prompted questions about the sustainability of a plant-based diet, and the validity of health claims made. Miley Cyrus received...
traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine: The ethics behind using animal and wildlife products

Although traditional Chinese medicine remains a cultural pillar in China, the practice has a dire effect on animals and wildlife, and its efficacy is...
yulin dog festival

Animal rights in China: The lowdown on legislation, markets and consumption

Spurred on by public outcry and the ongoing pandemic, progress has been made with animal rights in China, but there is still a long...

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