WONDR Launches a Line of Refillable 100% Natural Shower Products

Natural care product brand WONDR has launched its most ambitious product line to date, with the announcement of WONDR Liquids. The brand has been busy developing its high-quality WONDR powder and refillable bottles, and is ready to unleash it onto the world after two years of production.

After a long research and development process, WONDR have finalised the production of their new line of refillable shampoo and shower gel bottles, with the products coming in powder form in paper saches. The product line, deemed to be ‘the most natural of its kind’, has received a perfect 100/100 yuka rating.

WONDR powders are all natural and available in 3 scents to care for your skin and hair. Not only are our products superfood for your hair and skin, they also offer an easy solution for being on the go with our dishwasher-safe silicone bottles and easily pourable sachets – all you need to do is add water and shake.

Each powdered sachet contains as much product as TWO 500ml liquid shower products, the sachets provide a clean and conscious alternative to off-the-shelf options, and are good for your hair, skin and the planet – what’s not to love?

The WONDR-ful scents:

Creamy Coconut

A refreshing, rich and creamy lather with the tangy aroma of coconut giving you that smooth, soft coconut experience.

Fresh Peach

Transform your shower experience into a peachy dream and smell as sweet as you feel!

Healthy Herbs

Get a taste of nature inside your showeroom with our earthy herb range that leaves your skin and hair clean, nourished, and hydrated.

WONDR Liquids are available on Kickstarter from today, with a huge 40% off for super early bird backers: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wondr-liquids/wondr-liquids-start-the-personal-care-refillution-now

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