Who wants to get paid £5,000 to just eat dog food for 5 days?

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Not the offer you hear every day BUT plant-based dog food company, Omni, is offering to pay someone £5,000 to eat their dog food for five days. The aim is to prove that their dog food tastes great and that the ingredients are so high quality that they’re fit for human consumption.

Plant-based dog food challenge

During the five days, Omni wants the successful candidate to record their experience of moving to the dog food diet, completing reports on how it tastes as well as how they feel throughout. This includes energy levels, mood and bowel movements. The company would like the person to start as soon as possible, eating their plant-based dog food for five days and earning £5,000! Throughout the challenge, the food will be provided and there will be free access to a registered dietician. 

The message being shared by Omni is that its plant-based dog-food uses recognisable, high quality ingredients such as sweet potatoes, lentils, brown rice, pumpkin, blueberries, peas and cranberries. All food we as humans enjoy eating. 

Job application

So, who wants to apply!? The job application closes on 31 May so sign up before we reach the end of the month. 

Criteria states that applicants must be from the UK and over the age of 18. No qualifications are needed however, applicants must disclose any allergies they have in advance. 

As well as expenses, a selection of recipes will be provided to ensure the candidate has a varied meal plan, all using a variety of current and yet-to-be-released Omni dog food and ingredients. 

Shiv Sivakumar, Omni Co-Founder, said: “Omni is clean label, meaning that it doesn’t have any mysterious ingredients. While all dog food has to use human grade ingredients by law, many brands use cheap animal by-products and unwanted leftovers that humans would definitely not want to eat themselves given the choice. We firmly believe that Omni is good enough for even humans to eat, and more importantly enjoy, that we’re going to put our money where our mouth is.

“We decided to recruit a human taste tester to prove just how tasty and healthy plant-based dog food can be. Me and the other founder of Omni would even eat our products – and we’re sure many other dog food brand producers wouldn’t. So, if you are looking to try out a new diet change and earn a little extra on the side, please sign up!”

Omni challenges

We love how Omni set out to prove their products are the best through challenges. Do you remember a few months ago when they requested applications for a candidate to go vegan alongside their dog for three months for £30,000 pro rata?

If you took up this role, we’d love to hear from you!

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
Alice Soule is a Writer and Editor, and graduated with a BA in Social Policy. She is passionate about veganism and animal rights but equally has a love of sports, reading, and drinking tea. Alice is a perpetual dreamer and recently finished writing her first novel. As yet to be published...because she's already dreaming up the next story...