Vital Vegan: the one-stop health shop that’s a cafe too

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Family comes first at Vital Vegan, a company that makes healing herbs easy to come by and access to an alkaline lifestyle as simple as enjoying a brew.

Embracing a new and healthier lifestyle is always a challenge, but when you find the approach that really speaks to you and shows you good results, that’s when a new habit can transform into a way of living.

That’s exactly what happened to the founders of Vital Vegan, after discovering the benefits of not only an animal product-free lifestyle, but also an alkaline one. This is achieved through the introduction of healing herbs that have been grown in an ethical, unadulterated way, with a view to being consumed.

What does Vital Vegan mean by ‘cleansing and feeding the body’?

sea moss jellyIn simple terms, Vital Vegan has created a number of products that are designed to work with your body and its natural alkaline state. The thinking is that you get all the nutrients you need and nothing you don’t that can create an internal imbalance, leading to a sense of poor health. There’s a lot of commitment here too.

Recognising that not all of the herbs needed could be grown locally, Vital Vegan went in search of locations that could be suitable for native and natural wild harvesting, leading them to the coastlines of Jamaica. Given that the distance from New Jersey is significant, sustainable practices are an important consideration for the company, which actively seeks to work with nature, harvesting only when there is a plentiful bounty. When you realise that sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, dedication to sourcing the best varieties becomes easy to understand.

What products does Vital Vegan offer?


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All herbs offered are wild-crafted and alkaline. Jamaican sea moss, sarsaparilla root, soursop leaves and neem leaves are just some of the raw ingredients available to buy. But what if using them is something of an unknown? That’s where the prepared capsules come into play.

Covering a wide variety of needs, the Vital Vegan supplements range allows you to get all of the benefits of wild-crafted herbs, without needing to master the art of tincture production. It’s a simple and effective way to lean into an alkaline lifestyle.

Does Vital Vegan have a cafe too?

jamaican sea mossIt sure does. For plant-based eaters, smoothie fans and juice fanatics living in New Jersey, the Vital Vegan Cafe is a favourite destination for healthy, thoughtful food and drinks. Menu items that come highly recommended include:

Vitality bowls

Delicious, stacked bowls filled with your choice of whole grain base, veggies, salad and flavourful proteins. Think Buddha bowls but supercharged.

Fresh fruit sea moss smoothies

Delicious, organic and incredibly good for you, the smoothies are a speciality of the cafe. Don’t miss the Piña Colada variety! There’s also a signature sea moss smoothie that is packed with nutrients and is a good meal replacement option or even a dessert, as organic dates lend a natural sweetness.

Organic blueberry sea moss muffins

Always quick to sell out, this healthy version of a dessert favourite uses all organic ingredients, as well as sea moss gel, to create a sweet treat that nourishes the body.

A haven for NJ vegans that want to up their health game without investing too much effort, Vital Vegan caters to a huge variety of needs. From smoothies to go through to sea moss, readymade capsules and free education about the different wild-harvested herbs that could improve mind and body, there’s something for everyone.

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Amy Buxton
Amy Buxton
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