Violife Expands into New Market in the US

Based in Thessalonica in Greece, since the 1990’s, Violife has worked hard to create a product range of 100% vegan, non-dairy and non-GMO vegan cheeses, that are widely recognised and easily available in most local supermarkets. They’ve been a leader in the vegan cheese market for years and are now expanding into a new food category in the US, with three plant-based dips that are being launched at Whole Foods on 24 June.

Violife New Dips

The three flavours are huge favourites in the dairy industry and include, French Onion, Spinach and Artichoke, and Ranch. These classic flavours are sure to be an instant hit, whilst remaining free from dairy, nuts, soy, gluten, and preservatives, with each dip being made from simple, recognisable ingredients such as coconut oil, onions, spinach and artichokes, herbs and spices. 

Debra Yoo, Violife Senior Brand Manager commented: “Consumers love the taste and convenience of dips, and we are excited to bring Violife’s delicious plant-based take on these classic flavors to life! We know that these new dips will appeal to consumers across the country, whether they are vegan, dairy-free, or curious about plant-based foods.”

Keen to try this latest Violife creation? Check out where your nearest Whole Foods is located

Violife History

We love the story behind Violife’s origins. The company was launched by three friends in Greece who were keen to continue eating cheese throughout the 100 days of fasting that’s observed in the Greek Orthodox calendar. Rules state that the consumption of dairy is prohibited so the friends investigated an alternative and thus, Violife was born! 

We are thankful for these three individuals and look forward to the next product launch from the company. 


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