Victoria Park Market review: A vegan paradise in Hackney

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Just south of Hackney lies Victoria Park Market, with street food, fresh produce, and desserts. The stalls offer some eye-catching vegan dishes and produce every Sunday.

Nestled in the heart of East London, Victoria Park Market is one of the capital’s best and most underrated Sunday markets. From doughnuts to dal, the market has food and drink from all over the world, with an extensive range of vegan offerings. It’s the ideal place for a family day out, or even just a casual walk to take in the sights and sounds of this hidden gem.

Founded in June 2017, the market was only meant to operate in the summer months. Due to its popularity, it has remained open to this day, welcoming punters every Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Set in Victoria Park near Hackney, it’s not just a typical farmer’s market; it’s a produce and street food market with incredible vegan options. Vendors from all over the UK make the journey to Victoria Park every Sunday to sell the freshest fruit and vegetables, delicious jams and spreads, and exciting street food.

Best of fresh produce


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One of my favourite little stalls to check out is The Tomato Stall. It takes the humble tomato to a whole new level by selling a variety of sizes, shapes and colours of the little balls of wonder. Additionally, it sells other fresh produce like aubergines and chillis that can be paired with the fabulous tomatoes to create some delicious fresh meals.

The stall’s Instagram page is filled with ideas and inspiration for you to look at, helping you tailor a tomato-based dish to your liking. I strongly recommend trying out the Tiger Salad. This dish utilises their fabulous tiger tomatoes, pairing them with walnuts, cucumber, lime, coriander and a host of other fresh ingredients to create a light dish that can only be described as a party in your mouth.

Trust me when I say: you’ll never look at tomatoes the same way again.

Irresistible vegan street food


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The hardest thing about going to Victoria Park Market is deciding what stall to go to. There are food options for all dietary needs, selling tasty scran from all over the world.

But there’s one place I keep coming back to. Every time I walk past this stall, I have to resist the urge of spending more money. The intoxicating smells of Asian spices and potent broths drag me in and, for some strange reason, I can’t resist the craving — the craving for a marinated tofu noodle pot from Hanoi Kitchen.

For a start, the presentation is on another level. The bright green coriander, sinister red chilis and crunchy chopped walnuts sit neatly on the bowl like a painting. I almost feel bad eating this masterpiece. But then I take the first bite and forget that silly thought.

It’s truly a dish of balance. There are no clashes in flavours and each ingredient speaks for itself. If you like diversity in your food, then this dish is for you. It’s sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy, bitter and basically perfect. I urge you to try this, especially the spicy food lovers out there.

Something sweet


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Let’s face it: any food market worth its salt should have a variety of sweet treats. Whether it be doughnuts, cakes or milkshakes, you will probably be tempted to wrap your tastebuds around at least some of it.

Luckily, Victoria Park Market is the place to be if you want to get your sugary fix. While there are plenty of options to choose from, I highly recommend checking out the Crosstown Doughnut stand. Don’t be put off by the queue — there probably will be one — because the taste is worth the wait. Crosstown has an extensive collection of vegan doughnuts, from the classic Vanilla Bean Glaze to the wacky Yuzu and Passionfruit.

For my money, I think that the Cinnamon Scroll is the king (or queen) of the bunch. This swirling ball of dough is filled with layers of cinnamon sugar and topped with a wonderfully sticky and gooey glaze. Make sure you grab a napkin because this is going to be a messy one. But fear not, because once you taste this delightful little morsel, a messy face will be the last thing on your mind.

If you are in the vicinity on a Sunday, I urge you to take a peek at Victoria Park Market. You’ll definitely find something that intrigues you. Head down, get a bite to eat, and unwind in one of London’s most beautiful green spaces.

Matt Donaghy
Matt Donaghy
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