Vegan YouTube: Food, Fitness, Education and Travel

The vegan YouTube community is a treasure trove of informative videos about the vegan lifestyle. Here are a few channels to help you on your journey.

Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie, fitness fanatic, animal lover or all of the above, YouTube has you and all your vegan needs covered. From tutorials and recipes to interviews and vlogs, a whole vegan community is thriving on the wonderful world of YouTube.

There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that are full of fun, information, food and facts to help vegans worldwide. Check out the accounts featured below and learn how to be the best plant-based pioneer there can be.

The Foodie One

YouTuber and author Rachel Ama has a plethora of vegan recipes on her channel. Her 480,000 subscribers are treated to regular updates on vegan food trends as well as beauty and lifestyle tips. Proving that any cuisine can be plant-based, Rachel has easy-to-follow tutorials on how to prepare Caribbean food, Buddha bowls and jerk-style meals, as well as student-focussed and iron-rich dishes. Not only does she create food videos but she has documented her journey through pregnancy as a vegan. 

Following the success of her YouTube channel, Rachel branched out in 2019 and has established herself as an author with her book: Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats: Tasty plant-based recipes for every day. Her books are filled with quick (often one-pot) recipes with supermarket-friendly ingredient lists, and as an added bonus, each recipe has a song perfect for cooking along to.

The Educational One

Vegan activist and public speaker Ed Winters is the brain behind Earthling Ed, where he uses his platform to inform his 298,000 subscribers and the world about vegan issues, animal rights and humans’ place in the world. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Ed has created informative videos about how veganism can help prevent future pandemics and how to deal with mental health during self-isolation.

Following the success of his channel, Earthling Ed has spoken at over a third of UK universities and 6 Ivy League colleges in the US, where he explains his ethics and reasons behind living a vegan life and how young people can change the fate of the earth. Ed has co-founded Surge, an animal rights organisation and has opened up a non-profit restaurant called Unity Diner, London’s biggest 100% vegan dinner and cocktail bar.

The Travelling One

Dusty and Erin Stanczyk are the creators of Eat Move Rest, a channel about all things vegan. The couple and their son make videos on everything from farm tours to pregnancy; their travel videos, in particular, are very informative and document their journey as vegans across the globe. The couple has travelled to Costa Rica, Hawaii and Italy, to name a few, and have advice for any aspiring vegan jet-setters and road-trippers.

After their many foreign adventures, Dusty and Erin have collected some vital knowledge and tips for vegans who enjoy travelling. One is entitled Keep Calm and Carry On, where they advise to take fruits and fresh produce when travelling (however, travellers should check with government guidelines on ‘weapons of mass nutrition’ on board planes). In Pick Sides, Erin explains that when dining out on holiday, vegans should go for the sides on a menu; there is likely to be fantastic veg on offer.

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