Vegan steak(less) bake

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A vegan steak bake makes an ideal snack, lunchbox addition or main meal focal point. And best of all, non-vegans love them too.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 20 to 30 minutes (varies according to pastry brand)

Serves 1


80g Lazy Vegan Pulled Peaz (or your favourite steak substitute)
2 to 3 tbsp chopped white onions
Thyme, white pepper and paprika (to taste)
60ml premade vegan gravy
1 packet pre-rolled vegan puff pastry
Any plant-based milk (for milk wash)


  1. Combine the steak alternative, diced onions and seasonings in a frying pan or skillet and cook over a medium-high heat until the onion begins to take on a little colour and the entire mixture is heated through. Set aside to cool a little. (Don’t skip the cooling stage before assembly, as it will affect the consistency and cooking of the pastry.)
  2. Using a vegan gravy powder, mix up 60ml and allow to cool. You may like to make more, if you fancy dipping your finished bakes for double gravy deliciousness, or if you are planning to serve your finished items as part of a bigger main meal. There’s no such thing as too much gravy, after all.
  3. Unwrap the pre-rolled puff pastry and cut into rectangles roughly 8x10cm in size. Combine the filling and gravy and top one rectangle, leaving a 1cm border. Score a few steam holes into the ‘lid’ pastry piece and assemble everything, sealing the edges with your fingers or a fork (this leaves a pretty pattern and looks more fancy). If you have trouble sealing the edges, a little water can help to bring the two surfaces together.
  4. Brush with plant-based milk and cook as per pastry packet instructions, until puffed and golden brown.

Who doesn’t love a hot and satisfying pastry treat? A vegan steak bake is a great way to not only enjoy some hearty comfort food, but also up your home cooking skills, as despite being simple to replicate, they impress everyone that tastes them.

It’s no secret that the UK’s favourite bakery chain has made amazing inroads into embracing the vegan community, bringing vegan versions of long-standing favourite grab-and-go snacks into easy reach. But what about those of us who want to recreate pastry perfection at home and with our own specific tastes in mind? That’s where recipes like this steak(less) bake come in.

vegan steak bakeWith most pre-made puff pastry being suitable for vegans, it couldn’t be easier to whip up a batch of bakes, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start thinking about experimenting with other fillings. How about a chicken and mushroom bake, or even a spicy chilli version? This is the perfect technique for using up whatever leftovers you have in the fridge, so don’t be afraid to get creative. You could also think about replicating other favourite pastry goodies, such as the now legendary Greggs vegan sausage roll.

Don’t just think of a vegan steak bake as a snack — open your mind to the possibility of it being the centrepiece of a delicious and filling meal. With plenty of seasonal veggies on the side, or maybe a portion of creamy mashed potato, it is the ideal autumn and winter warmer that the whole family — vegan or not — will enjoy. Plus, if you choose the right meat substitute, there’s a good chance that nobody will be able to tell that they are eating a plant-based bake.

Don’t suffer the disappointment of not being able to find a Greggs vegan steak bake ever again, by making your own.

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Melissa Elle
Melissa Elle
Hey! I'm Melissa and I've been vegan for over five years, and vegetarian since I was a kid. I want to show that veganism can be accessible for all and that any meal can be veganised. On my Instagram I regularly showcase that veganism extends itself further than the food through beauty, health, style and that it is truly a lifestyle worth embarking on.