Vegan nutrition brand pledges to plant a tree for every product sold

Plant-based nutrition brand Raw Sport has partnered with tree-planting collective Ecologi, ensuring a tree is planted for every product sale — not every order.

Dean Howell’s plant-based nutrition brand Raw Sport has just entered a new partnership with tree-planting and climate action funder Ecologi, meaning that for every Raw Sport product sold, a tree is planted. No matter the size of the location it’s shipped to, each product the nutrition brand sells equals one more tree on Earth. That is a step further than the common choice for many companies of planting one tree per order.

Founded in 2011, Raw Sport is one of the world’s leading plant-based nutrition brands, now selling in 60 countries — its success largely due to the surge in health awareness in 2020. A number of athletes now consume its products, including professional footballers, boxers, squash players, ultra-runners, Olympians, bodybuilders and cricketers. On a mission to revolutionise the sports nutrition world, Raw Sport is now also beginning to tackle the climate crisis head-on through its new partnership.

“We are 100% dedicated to providing nutrition that’s good for your health and the planet,” said Howell. “We have been working on this plan for a while and have decided Ecologi offers the best and most transparent option for pairing products with tree-planting.”

The footballer-turned-entrepreneur founded Raw Sport as a consequence of the ex-athlete’s transition to veganism. In an interview with The Vegan Review, Howell has spoken about the preconceptions of living as a vegan athlete, and the importance of remaining authentic. “Can I make it, smash it and crush it by doing it 100% genuine and authentic?” he said. “Can it be done? Who knows. We’ll see.”

On the partnership, he commented: “Our customers can now buy from us with the knowledge that every purchase is climate-positive and good for their health at the same time… It’s a triple win now.”

Read our interview with Raw Sport founder Dean Howell.

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