Vegan news: 400+ stolen pets rescued, UK supermarket giant launches new products and influencer turns carrots into “bacon”

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The big vegan news story this week is that over 400 stolen pets were rescued earlier this month from an illegal slaughterhouse in the Chinese province of Henan.

Vegan news doesn’t come much more shocking than this. Shenzhen a city in the Guangdong province, announced in early April that consumption of all wildlife will be banned, including dogs and cats. 

The rescue operation on April 3rd took place after the Chinese authorities were made aware of the slaughterhouse by animal activists.

The rescued dogs were found in horrifying conditions, many wounded and crammed together in cages. A spokesperson from HSI told MailOnline that “this is such a typical story in China.”

As well as official police, several groups took part in the successful operation, including charities, pet owners, activists and volunteers.

UK supermarket giant Marks and Spencer launches two new vegan products.

The Plant Kitchen Chorizo Puppies and The No Beef Burger will now be available in stores and are each priced at £3.50.

The company announced their new products via Instagram labelling the products as ‘summer’s VEGAN must-haves!” Good vegan news for all budding home chefs.

The new products will be part of the company’s Plant Kitchen Range which was launched in 2018 and has been a hit with customers ever since.

Vegan foodie goes viral on TikTok after showing followers how to make “bacon” out of carrots.

“What do you see carrots? Or do you see Bacon?”

Popular vegan actress and foodie Tabitha Brown racked up more than 12.5 million views on TikTok after revealing how to make “bacon” out of carrots. It’s the vegan news that all bacon-lovers have been waiting for.

With just six ingredients, Tabitha insisted that anyone can make a delicious plant-based alternative to bacon with the same crispy texture.


Carrot bacon❤️ #tabithabrown #veganbacon

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Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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