Vegan Ice Cream in London: Your Summer Guide to the Best Parlours

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It’s peak summer season, and vegan ice cream is on the rise. Household ice cream companies are launching plant-based versions of their products, and new vegan ice cream brands are cropping up.

Here is a rundown of the best vegan ice cream parlours in London.


Yorica vegan ice cream in London
Photo: Yorica!/Facebook

This “free from all 14 major allergens and Vegan Society Registered” parlour tucked away in Soho doesn’t only offer ice cream but also a variety of desserts like crepes and waffles.

Take a pick from fruity flavours or rich milky ones. Yorica!’s ice cream menu allows you to try a range of flavours from old-time classics like vanilla to extravagant ones like beetroot chocolate. You can pair the chilled dessert with sprinkles, fresh fruit, dry toppings and sauces to create your perfect summer fit.

“You can rest assured that our treats and processes are all vegan and cruelty-free,” promises their website.

Temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can expect their prompt return as restaurants and pubs have begun reopening since July 4. In the meantime, you can still treat yourself to their ice cream at Holland & Barrett, Waitrose or Ocado and get a tub of your signature flavour. 

La Gelatiera

La Gelatiera vegan ice cream london
Photo: La Gelatiera

Does a vegan diet make you feel like you are missing out on artisan Italian gelato? La Gelatiera has you covered with a menu that changes on a daily basis, bringing a variety of sorbets that are full of flavour.

“We hand-make everything fresh daily, using the best seasonal ingredients and organic dairy produce,” says the LaGelatiera website.

Even though sorbets are usually associated with fresh fruity flavours, La Gelatiera is redefining this concept by offering flavours like coconut, extra dark chocolate, pistachio and more.

They promise that their ice cream bases are 100% natural, free from eggs and gluten.

You can find their ice cream parlours scattered around London, with the flagship location in Covent Garden. Their shops remained open for takeaway during lockdown, and you can also order from the comfort of your home on Deliveroo and UberEats.

Prime Gelato

As the name tells you, this is another great option for plant-based diet followers looking for that authentic artisan scoop. Prime Gelato is one of  TripAdvisor’s top three picks for desserts in London, with some reviewers calling it “London’s best vegan ice cream”.

“We offer at least six different vegan gelato flavours every day and our sorbets are naturally vegan friendly,” says the Prime Gelato website. 

The variety of flavours ensures there’s something for everyone. You can take a pick between fruity sorbets or decadent chocolate and nutty flavours. They also offer vegan cakes.

Prime Gelato is located in Covent Garden has been open for takeaways and delivery, making lockdown “less boring and sweeter”.

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake vegan Gelato
Photo: Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake uses rice and soy milk to create creamy ice cream experiences for vegans. Currently offering five delicious flavours including Banoffee, Peanut Butter, Coconut and Chocolate, they also have a wide range of fruity sorbets for when you are craving a more refreshing taste.

If you’re an avocado lover, you’ll be interested to know they offer vegan avocado ice cream, shaped like the fruit itself with a superfood stone. They call it Avolato.

“Each delicious mouthful is handmade using simply natural ingredients and traditional Italian techniques,” says Snowflake Gelato.

You can treat yourself to Snowflake across seven locations in London, with their bigger boutiques being located in Soho, Chelsea, Bayswater and Edgware Road. 

They reopened their branches for dine-in on July 4. You can order their gelato from their website, Deliveroo and UberEats.

Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin vegan Ice Cream
Photo: Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin might not have the biggest variety of cruelty-free flavours to choose from but they are vegan-friendly. Their ever-changing menu comes with different weekly specials. 

Chin Chin seems to be perfect for the lovers of fruity flavours since their past specials included mango as well as lychee and geranium rose. 

You can bring your scoop to the next level with vegan toppings like pistachio and cardamon powder or raspberry sauce. The vegan options don’t end with ice cream weekly specials, you can also get cruelty-free Griddled Cookie Dough.

Their Camden and Soho locations remained open for takeaway during lockdown. The only parlour that remains closed for the moment is their Shoreditch branch.

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