Vegan brand Beauty Kitchen the highest-rated B Corp in UK beauty industry

Beauty Kitchen, the vegan cosmetics brand, is now the highest-rated B Corp in the UK’s beauty industry, and fifth-highest scoring overall.

After jumping from a score of 89.3 to 139.8 on the B Corp scale, vegan cosmetics brand Beauty Kitchen has become the highest-rated B Corp in the UK’s beauty industry.

Overall, out of more than 500 companies, Beauty Kitchen is fifth on the list of B Corp-certified companies. It was the first high street beauty brand in the UK to be certified B Corp in 2017, and its continued growth and improvement have contributed to its rise atop the list.

The cosmetics company has introduced a host of new initiatives and a sustainability-focused business model revolving around a Return, Refill, Repeat approach. Among the initiatives are a pledge to use no synthetic ingredients or microplastics (as certified by the Plastic Soup Foundation), undertake no animal testing (in order to be Leaping Bunny-approved) and only use sustainably sourced ingredients.

For every sale, Beauty Kitchen also has a Beauty That Gives Back campaign, which donates 2% of sales revenue (instead of profit) to sustainable charity partners like the Plastic Soup Foundation, The Seahorse Trust and In Kind Direct.

Additionally, there is a homegrown focus to the brand. All the products are made in the UK, which means the transportation and carbon footprint are low. This further helps build a sustainable ecosystem by creating jobs in local communities. The Return, Refill, Repeat policy allows consumers to return any packaging with the relevant logo. And all the product packaging is 100% reusable as part of a circular economy.

“This is a big moment for us and the result of our team’s dedication to purposeful and sustainable business throughout the past four years, particularly during 2020. The important thing is that we keep focusing on how we can improve and continue to grow a sustainable community,” said Beauty Kitchen founder Jo Chidley.

She added: “Certifying is one of the best first steps you can take as a business when it comes to improving your impact on the planet. I would also love to see a boost in Scottish businesses joining — only 18 of the [more than] 500 B Corp businesses in the UK are from Scotland. Let’s make sure that number goes up.”

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