V-Planet to sell vegan dog food in thailand

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Leading international vegan dog food company V-Planet has announced that pet-owners in Thailand can now purchase their vegan products online from distributor P. Unithai Co., LTD through website Taily Buddy.

The San Francisco based company is family-owned and has been providing their plant-based kibble since 2005. V-Planet is committed to selling vegan dog food with ‘100% vegan ingredients with a balanced AAFCO formula, and their products are produced in Canada, and they use non-GMO ingredients including peas, lentils, and quinoa. The company are also committed to making their foods with sensitive dogs in mind, so their kibble is also allergy-free with corn, wheat, gluten, and soy being excluded. The vegan dog food is available in two sizes, with mini bites for small dogs and the larger bites for bigger dogs.

Lindsay Rubin, vice president of V-Planet, says that ‘It’s evident that Thailand cares deeply for the well-being of their pets.’ And as Thailand is highly rated as one of the top 10 countries for vegan and vegetarian travel, it is no surprise that the country is ‘taking steps to incorporate plant-based ingredients in their dogs’ diet.’ 

V-Planet has also expanded their kibble to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore and are planning to expand into even more countries.

*Please note that not all dogs can be converted safely to a vegan diet. Always consult your vet before making any drastic lifestyle changes on behalf of yoru pet. We support vegan choices but also animal welfare.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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