Usher turns plant-based to “boost his immune system”

During a live session with his team of producers, Usher revealed he is following a plant-based diet to help boost his immune system.

The singer went plant-based back in 2012 but gave up as he claimed it was too expensive for him and started calling himself a “meat-eating vegan.”

Eight years later, and Usher says he is committed to eating plant-based once again. He said, “it’s important to know that a healthy option is plant-based. I’ve actually started a journey myself. JD (Jermaine Dupri) too, is also a great supporter of plant-based as well as a vegan lifestyle.”

“I want you guys to understand that boosting your immune system is also too what you eat, not just staying inside,” Usher said, referring to the sheltering restrictions.

Usher’s latest revelations about his plant-based diet came after he gave a shoutout to Chef Shay and her vegan cooking business Vegenaire. Chef Shay is part of J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator, started by Usher’s mother, Jonneta Patton. J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator is “a state-of-the-art 2,100 square foot kitchen facility in Atlanta, GA, created to furnish early-stage business support to culinary entrepreneurs” according to its website.

“Veganaire was created to make comfort food for people curious about plant-based or faux meat,” Chef Shay explained. She is still in the process of growing her business but eventually she wants Veganaire to become “global like McDonald’s.”

Usher is working very closely with Chef Shay and her sous chefs to donate 2,000 meals to shelters, community centers, and families in need of healthy food options across Clayton County, Georgia. They distribute lots of tasty dish options including vegan spaghetti, vegan meatloaf, and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Usher brought Chef Shay on the Live video chat where they dove into what Veganaire represents. Usher said, “The cool thing about this is, kids, love lasagna, they love meatloaf. I wanted to create something that would be nourishing, filling, and a hearty meal, so that’s what we put together.”

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