Upfield Announces €50 Million Investment

Plant-based spread company Upfield have announced they are planning to invest €50 million (approximately £44 million) in a new state-of-the-art Upfield Food Science Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands. 

The company is the leading producer of plant-based spreads of butter and margarine globally, with a range of brands under their name including Flora, RAMA and Blue Band. According to their website, they aim to ‘push the boundaries’ of plant-based spreads with more ‘natural ingredients and processes that deliver healthier products’ that not only have a great taste but have good quality as well. Upfield also have a range of plant-based cheese and cream as well.

According to David Haines, Group CEO, this latest venture will allow the company to accelerate its aim by producing even more great-tasting and natural plant-based foods that are also sustainably packaged. Haines also says how this investment demonstrates the company’s ‘commitment to ambitious and pioneering research and development’.

Image: Upfield Brand Flora

While the Chief Research and Development Officer, John Verbakel said, “Investment in the new Upfield Food Science Centre will give us access to state-of-the-art equipment, technology and an inspiring and creative network of individuals and companies, allowing us to really push the boundaries of what we can achieve in natural, plant-based foods innovation.”

Upfield also plans to open a new Global Headquarter office in Amsterdam and intend to open the new facility before 2022.