United Airlines and Impossible Foods Collaborate on New Menu Options

We are always excited to talk about jet setting on new adventures but are conscious that often vegan meals on airlines aren’t that great (note to airlines: vegans compare flight meals on food forums :)) 

So, we were super happy to hear about United Airlines’ new menu items that will feature Impossible Foods on certain flights as well as in certain airport lounges.

United and Impossible Collaboration

Collaborating with Impossible Foods, United Airlines will offer the Impossible Meatball Bowl on First Class domestic flights, and also the Impossible Sausage which is available in Polaris Lounges in Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco.

The decision to push for more plant-based options has come about from the recognition that more than half of US consumers are increasing their plant-based food intake. Sales of plant-based meat substitutes continue to climb, and as such, the airline wants to provide what people are looking for.

Aaron McMillan, United Managing Director of Hospitality and Planning commented: “We want our food offerings to evolve and change along with people’s preferences – we’re proud to work with Impossible Foods and think our customers are really going to love these new options.

“To many travellers, the quality of food choices at the airport and in the sky are a really important part of the customer experience, so we’re invested in making sure our menu items exceed their expectations. This is the first of many updates we look forward to sharing in the months ahead.”

Meal Choices

Focusing io these two particular dishes, The Impossible Meatball Bowl features three Impossible meatballs. They’re served with broccolini on a bed of couscous and topped with a herb-infused tomato sauce. 

In addition to the above, the Impossible Sausage (ground up) will be offered at breakfast at Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco Polaris lounges, as an optional omelette ingredient. There will also be an Impossible Sausage breakfast patty in the breakfast buffet. 

“United is all about offering the highest quality customer experience, which is something we have in common here at Impossible Foods. It’s exciting to see the airline bring new options to consumers that are better tasting and better for the planet. We think United flyers are going to love having access to Impossible dishes in the air and in the lounge,” added Dan Greene, Impossible Food Senior Vice President of Sales. 

Impossible food is truly delicious and offers that great familiarly to many through its realistic meat substitutes. Both Impossible Meatballs and Impossible Sausage are a strong source of protein, as well as other essential nutrients. They contain 0mg of cholesterol and trans fat, no animal hormones or antibiotics. 

From this week, customers can pre-order the Impossible Meatball Bowl through Unites website, or the United mobile app. 

This is such great news and another step forward for veganism. 



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