UK’s Largest Vegan Supermarket, ‘TheVeganKind’ Files For Administration

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The UK’s largest 100% vegan supermarket confirmed it has filed for administration on October 11th 2022. 

The online retailer which stocks over 5,000 vegan and cruelty-free products was launched by husband and wife Scott and Karris McCullouch from their flat in 2013.

What started out as a small family run business, TVK saw huge success as a first of its kind vegan retailer which also included the UK’s number 1 vegan subscription box service shipped to almost 10,000 monthly customers.

The Vegan Kind’s assets were acquired by a new company backed by Literacy Capital, and it continues to trade providing its valuable supermarket and subscription box service to its loyal plant-based customers nationwide. 

In an official statement, Tony Buffin Representing The Vegan Kind said: 

“Unfortunately, The Vegan Kind was placed into administration on 11th of October owing to ongoing losses which could not be sustained with the current business model without additional funding.  However, the assets and business were immediately bought out of administration by the largest shareholder and the business continues to trade as normal. 

We understand that the new shareholder’s intention is to find a partner to share in the ongoing operating costs of the business. This should provide a long-term sustainable future for The Vegan Kind enabling it to continue to serve plant-based consumers nationwide with the widest range of products available anywhere in the UK.  

Clearly, this is a challenging time for employees. The new shareholders are, however, doing everything they can to find new or alternative roles for existing employees to support the new Vegan Kind business in the future.”

At The Vegan Review have been advocates of The Vegan Kind and what they’ve accomplished over the years. We wish the entire team luck during this difficult time. 

TheVeganKind staff has received their official notice. We encourage anyone in need of hiring talented people to take a look at the company’s linkedin page for individuals who are now open to work.

TheVeganKind’s TVR TImeline

June 2022: A new CEO takes over The Vegan Kind

June 13th 2022 saw founders Scott (CEO) and Karris McCulloch (Managing Director) both step down from their positions and, handing the reigns over to  Sarah Boddy who took over as CEO. 

April 2021: TheVeganKind raises £3.5 million in Series A funding

“We’ve been almost entirely bootstrapped as a business for seven years, and this raise will give us opportunities we’ve just never had before.” Scott McCulloch, Former CEO, TheVeganKind

Led by Literacy Capital Plc, TheVeganKind successfully secured £3.5 million in series A funding to drive the business forward. 

February 2021: Scott McCulloch speaks with The Vegan Review ahead of the supermarket’s first own-brand product launch.

Former CEO Scott McCulloch speaks with The Vegan Review about the brand’s first own-brand launch and the ‘risky’ move of upgrading the company’s warehouse to meet demand. 

February 2021: TheVeganKind launches membership programme

Enabling unlimited deals and exclusive content, TheVeganKind launched its TVK+ programme which offers customers exclusive discounts on over 2,500 products with no minimum spend.

September 2020: TheVeganKind relocates to new 35,000 sq ft warehouse, creating 21 new jobs

Reported by Vegan Food & Living, TheVeganKind relocated to a new 35,000 sq ft warehouse to help keep up with consumer demand. The space included what the company described as ‘the biggest fridge in the world dedicated solely to retailing vegan goods’.

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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