UK Vegan Family will be hosting a live stream with Sinclairs A Family of The Earth tonight

Daniella Dunn and her vegan family will be going live on YouTube today with the Sinclairs A Family of the Earth to talk all things vegan.

At 8pm tonight, Daniella Dunn and her family of vegans — also known as UK Vegan Family online — will be doing a livestream on their YouTube channel with another online vegan family, Sinclairs A Family of The Earth.

The UK Vegan Family are made up of Daniella, Adam and their son Jack, who post videos about veganism and occasionally post plant-based recipes. The Sinclairs consists of Colin, Claire, Caprice and Axel, a vegan family who post not only vegan content on their YouTube channel but also post regular family videos as well.

If the UK Vegan Family sounds familiar, it is because yesterday, Dunn and Jenkins spoke to The Vegan Review about the online bullying they faced. It was earlier this month when the family were victims of the anti-vegan cyberbullying movement, where non-consensual photos were posted of the family and their underage son, inciting hate and body shaming them.

Dunn told The Vegan Review that both families will be discussing family life on the livestream with the Sinclairs, as well as looking at some of the challenges they have faced, bullying and normalising vegan families and their children. There will also be a live chat so that viewers can ask questions.

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