64% Brits back mandatory carbon footprint labelling for businesses

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New research by 3 Sided Cube shows that 64% of the UK population want to make carbon footprint information mandatory on product labels.

When it comes to carbon footprints, 64% of Britons would back legislation making it mandatory for businesses to show their impact on product labels, according to a new study.

3 Sided Cube, a “tech for good” app development company, has released new research for Earth Day 2021, which shows that consumers are becoming more conscious about the climate and sustainable living. 68% of people in the UK want to lower their carbon footprint, a figure that is mirrored by the 67% who want to live more sustainably in all aspects of life, including food, energy use, transport and clothing.

Exploring how consumers are adapting their behaviours and lifestyles to be more sustainable, the survey, which underpins the company’s Igniting A Green Revolution report, found that many are looking to technological innovation for support to help them with their green transition. More than half (52%) — 58% men and 48% women — acknowledge that technology is crucial to enable sustainable living.

Government intervention is a priority for many. 70% want the UK to take drastic action by introducing stricter regulations around product packaging to ensure it’s fully recyclable or compostable to combat the plastic pandemic. Education is a key factor too, with three-quarters calling for the government to work in tandem with the business sector to enhance consumer guidance and education on recycling.

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Just as The Climate Pledge has surpassed 100 signatories, the research reveals that consumers are placing the bulk of responsibility on companies for climate action, with 73% of the population saying businesses have a moral responsibility to minimise their environmental impact. But even with public individuals. 40% said they would even back financial penalties for anyone failing to recycle recyclable products.

Additionally, 78% believe businesses, local administrations and the national government need to work together to effectively tackle climate change. “Clearly, consumers care a lot more about this than they used to and are ready to take action,” said Richard Strachan, managing director of 3 Sided Cube. “Consumers have the power to drive big changes if they get behind the right causes and alter their demand accordingly.”

He added that as consumer demand grows for more sustainable and ethical products, brands and governments will have to adapt accordingly: “The climate crisis, ecological destruction and plastic waste are global issues that must be top priorities for Earth Day this year. We are now incredibly close to surging past the 1.5 degrees warming limit set out by the Paris Agreement of 2015.”

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Anay Mridul
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