Top Ten Vegan Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Is North Carolina heading towards the top ten most vegan-friendly states in the US? It could well be with all the positive things that have been happening for the vegan community in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina. Most notably, with a range of exciting vegan restaurants opening their doors to customers and expanding our tastebud horizons.  

Despite the effects of the pandemic, Charlotte has recently seen an increase in the amount of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based restaurants it houses; and with this comes an inspiringly wide range of vegan meals available, from French bistros to vegan burgers and soul food style menus.

But vegan food isn’t just for vegans. Many choose to omit meat and dairy from their diet for religious or spiritual reasons, some people are just curious, many prefer to have “days off” meat whilst others just find a favourite restaurant that happens to be vegan. Whatever your reason, we’ve created this substantial list of top vegan restaurants in Charlotte covering breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even those extra meals we manage to fit in between.

Top Ten Vegan Restaurants

Veltree – Soul Food Vegan Cuisine

We’re starting with Veltree because everyone, at some point in the week, needs a little soul food. And Veltree does it the best. Check out their Insta images to get your mouth watering.

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Opened in 2018, the menu offers southern-inspired food such as fried drumsticks, African peanut stew, krab cakes, mac n cheese and red velvet cupcakes for dessert. But people don’t just love Veltree for the wonderful food; the environment and hospitality are equally a huge draw to the restaurant. 

One reviewer commented: “Absolutely love the vibes being played and the layout of the dining area.”

Plant Joy – internationally inspired vegan food

What beautiful vegan food Plant Joy produces! 

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Their menu is centred on vegetables and includes meals, sandwiches and sides such as Sea Cake Croissant, Falafel Tower, Shiitake Kebab and Chickpea and Friends. What we love about Plant Joy is that they offer a “Pay what you can” plate, following the ethos that food is a human right. Plant Joy uses locally sourced and of course, fully vegan ingredients. The team is friendly and welcoming and the food is produced to make you feel good. What’s not to love about this place?

Bean Vegan Cuisinevegan comfort foods

Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bean Vegan Cuisine is the perfect place to go when you want something comforting. How about waffles or brunch bowls for breakfast, and then Fried Tofu Fingers, salads or their famous Chilli for dinner?

Bean also offers a range of grocery items so you can pick up what you need en route. Perfect!

As one reviewer commented: “If you’re looking for all of your favourite comfort foods made vegan, this is your place.”

Fern, Flavors from the Garden – vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Standing as one of the most popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Charlotte since it opened in 2011. Fern is all about healthy, seasonal food; it has been recognised for the standard achieved and featured in The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing, Food & Wine, and Taste of the South, as well as being named one of Charlotte’s top 25 restaurants in 2013. 

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We echo this reviewers comments: “I have eaten at a lot of great vegetarian restaurants in North Carolina and Fern is one of the best. The menu changes often to use in-season ingredients, the plating is deliberate and elegant (even if you are getting a big bowl of beans, expect it to be beautiful). I think Fern has a lot for non-vegetarians as well despite not having any meat dishes – the appetizers are excellent and most of the dishes do not rely on meat substitutes and would satisfy non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike.”

Ma Ma Wok – Chinese vegan and vegetarian cuisine

Ma Ma Wok offers delicious Chinese food to take away and has been recognised for the high standard of cuisine and service it offers. Since 2017, the restaurant has been fully vegan with the menu detailing noodles, dumplings, fried rice, tofu, mock meat and vegetable dishes.

One reviewer commented: “My favorite restaurant in Charlotte- I am so grateful for the amazing vegetarian selection. The food is delicious!!”

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Living Kitchen – organic plant-based cuisine

This is the place to go when you need a burst of healthiness. Founded in 2011 Living is a casual restaurant that produces everything from scratch; including plant-based pizzas, burgers, BBQ meals and sushi. Open all day, you’re sure to find a fulfilling meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a sweet dessert.  

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It has a host of regular fans with comments such as this truly backing up its capabilities: “I wish I can give 14 stars. The new management and the new menu is better than ever. I have been going at least once a week and I live in Cornelius. The food is amazing, I’ve never had anything that disappointed me.” 

Sanctuary Bistro – Fine dining vegan cuisine

A real family business, Sanctuary Bistro is the brainchild of lifelong animal lover Jennifer Jones Horton and her chef husband, Barry.  Sanctuary Bistro offers seasonal, organic meals with regular events that are advertised on their Facebook page

Top menu inclusions include a Charcuterie Platter, King Trumpet Scallops, Tofu and Dumplings with desserts such as Crème Brûlée and Lemon Trifle. 

The restaurant receives many a rave review for its food such as this accolade regarding a six course Christmas feast enjoyed last year

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Dawg’ On Vegans – Vegan hotdogs

Dawg’ On is a vegan food truck that advertises its pop-up locations on Facebook and Instagram. Who doesn’t love a hotdog? And with this extensive menu, including a variety of loaded “dawgs”, fries, mac n cheese and cauliflower wings, you’re sure to find something you crave.

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Rico’s Açai – Açai bowls

The original location in Charlotte for a nourishing and delicious açai bowl. With products imported from Brazil, each serving is packed with antioxidants, calcium, potassium and vitamin A. 

Each bowl is a work of art. Just look at this!

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Everyone has a favourite and for this customer, it’s the Go With Your Gut: “My favorite is the Go With Your Gut, it’s lemon Kefir milk with granola and strawberries, I could eat this everyday!”

Oh My Soul – A variety of compassionate vegan cuisine

Oh My Soul stands for compassion, empathy and kindness. Everything this restaurant does is with thought and variety in mind. Established in 2020, you will find a beautiful outdoor patio and bar area housing a 100 year old oak tree. The menu offers brunch ideas such as Faithful Frenchie, Let’s Avocuddle and Peckish Pancakes. There’s also plenty for lunch and dinner including Vish and Chips, Muchos Nachos, Greek Goddess or smaller plates such as Spirit Rolls or Crumbed Mushrooms.

We love these Spirit Rolls

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And with reviews such as these, there’s no doubting why it’s a hugely popular choice of vegan restaurant. This is one of our favourites: The food was FABULOUS – so tasty, very creative, outstanding flavors! The service was incredible. Everyone treated us so sweetly. Courteous, friendly, helpful as we tried to make our menu selections”

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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