Top 5 Vegan YouTubers To Help Entertain You During Self-Isolation

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Social Distancing. Self Isolating. Quarantining. Whatever you call it, it sucks. After the first week you have drained Netflix dry and the novelty of a family day at home has worn off. 

Fear not – for YouTube exists. 

Thanks for social media, everyone now has a platform to share their views and perspectives of whatever they wish. And veganism has made its mark with thousands of vegan influencers sharing their journey, recipes and their daily life. 

Here are 5 vegan YouTubers worth staying in for:

Niomi Smart

Although she has moved to Mumbai with her fiancé, Niomi Smart continues to follow a plant-based diet as well as a sustainable lifestyle. From her renowned ‘What I Eat In A Day’ vlogs to natural makeup and skincare videos, Smart shows her fanbase how one can live an all-natural and vegan life from the comfort of your own home.

Pick Up Limes

Based in the Netherlands, Sadia Badiei is a registered clinical dietitian with a BSc in Dietetics. Badiei makes the best-looking vegan food videos and a educates minimalism, wellness and guides her viewers on how to have a more plant-based diet. 


Buzzfeed has many subsidiaries, and Goodful is one of them. This channel is powered by vegan chefs who not only make vegan foods but also produce alternatives to your everyday ingredients, wellness, and living the zero-waste and green lifestyle. 

The Vegan Corner

What do you get when you combine two Italian chefs who are vegan plus YouTube? A channel that is devoted to giving plant-based meals for all three courses and for any time of the day. Although the makers behind The Vegan Corner have stopped production all together, you can still find vegan alternatives for any dishes you can think off and impress the dinner guests.

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné Claiborne is a professional chef, blogger and youtuber who shares vegan recipes, ethical fashion and natural beauty. Having grown up around classic soul foods, Sweet Potato Soul has created recipes that she believes feed the soul and after becoming a mother, also educates viewers on how to be vegan and take care of a one year old.

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Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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