The Wonderful Wine Co. Launches Vegan ‘Clean Wine’

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Wine delivery brand, Winc, launched its newest venture: The Wonderful Wine Co., which is the company’s very first clean, organic range of vino, which features red, white, rosé, and limited-edition orange varieties.

While Winc previously offered curated vegan wines alongside non-vegan ones, WWC was created as an exclusively vegan brand that focuses on environmentally friendly practices.

The companies wines are made organically with organic grapes grown on pesticide-free land and are low in sugar and sulfites.

Clean wine is considered healthier. Winc founder Brian Smith wanted to make something that health-conscious drinkers could reach for without hesitation. With each variety being sustainably farmed, low-sulfite (making it less likely to cause those excruciating hangover headaches), low-carb, made with organic grapes and free of added sugar, pesticides, chemical additives, and animal byproducts.

The Wonderful Wine Co.’s four wines are vegan, meaning they’re made without gelatin, egg whites and casein, which are all commonly used to offset a naturally bitter taste present in certain types of wine, some wines are also made with animal-based fining agents such as isinglass (derived from fish bladders), WWC only uses vegan methods in its wine production process. “We set out to craft transparent products that you can feel good about reaching for,” WWC co-founder Brian Smith told Forbes. “Wonderful Wine Co. is the sum of all parts, and our commitment to doing the right thing affects every decision we make, from our sustainable winemaking practices to our Eco-friendly packaging and production methods.”

Currently, WWC offers four varieties: Argentine Malbec, which is silky, round, and supple, with notes of red fruit, sweet spice, It’s perfect for red drinkers who enjoy the occasional glass of more red. As said on their website.

French Rosé, French White, is characterized as a clean and mineral focused with notes of green apple, lemon curd, and running naked through a field of white flowers.

If you’re a Winc member, you can add any of the bottles to your monthly shipment or buy them à la carte for $18 apiece (except for the limited-edition orange blend), otherwise, you could purchase them by a case of 3 ($60), six ($110), or twelve ($215), this including shipping.



Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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