The winners of the World Plant Based Awards 2020 are out

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The winners of the inaugural World Plant Based Awards 2020 were announced earlier on Friday in an online ceremony.

The World Plant Based Awards 2020 finally revealed its winners in an online ceremony on Friday. The ceremony, hosted by FoodBev in association with Plant Based World Conference and Expo, were 222 submissions from 24 different countries, which were whittled down to 3 to 8 nominations per category.

They were presented by the marketing manager of FoodBev, Matt Rushton, and the awards marketing executive, Laura Nettle. The judges were:

Robert Hoffman: Partner and consultant, Homera
Florence Dusseaux: Founder, VEGG2FOOD
Erica Gibson: Vendor relations manager, DPI speciality foods
Emma Letessier: Freelance vegan business and technology writer
Jenna McGuinness: Head buyer, The Vegan Kind
Albrecht Wolfmeyer: International and national head, ProVeg incubator
Tabitha Sewell: Senior category manager, KeHe distributor
Emma Upshall: News reporter, FoodBev media

There were 15 categories, encompassing everything from brand new innovative dairy and meat alternatives through to sustainable and compostable plant-based non-food products. Examples of the judges’ reactions and views were included alongside every result.

Here are the winners of 2020’s inaugural World Plant Based Awards:

Best dairy product alternative

LoveRaw – Vegan Chocolate for Unvegan Vegans

“A creative and innovative new product that offers true milk chocolate taste without any comprise.”

Best meat alternative

Food Nation

“Sourcing food from farmers that would otherwise go to waste to create new plant-based foods and not meat analogues makes Food Nation a brand to watch in terms of plant-based food innovations.” 

Best milk alternative

Avo 88 – avocadomilk

“This is a unique addition to the milk alternative space. Avocado is a hot trend across many categories, giving this brand high sales potential.”

Best plant-based beverage

Biomel Dark Chocolate Shots

“Biomel Dark Chocolate Shots tap into the booming probiotics market while combining one of the most loved and celebrated flavours in the industry: chocolate.”

Best plant-based business

Infinite Foods

“I love the ethos behind Infinite Foods and it’s focus on creating accessibility of healthy plant-based food in an area that will need it the most in the coming future.”

Best plant-based condiment

Fabalish – Vegan Tzatziki Aquafaba Sauce

“Aquafaba has taken the vegan/plant-based culinary scene by storm. It’s great to see a company use it to provide consumers with a healthy and convenient condiment.”

Best plant-based dessert/confectionery

Dolfin UK Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea

“Taking two things people are familiar with and combining them to make an approachable sweet snack in an eye-catching packaging that fits the category.”

Best plant-based functional product

Laird Superfood – Medium Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee

“Mushrooms are part of the plant-based food future, with so many diverse applications and functionalities. Laird is taking this amazing ingredient to a new category with their mushroom coffee.”

Best plant-based non-food product

BeeBee and Leaf – Plant-based wax food wraps

“These wraps offer a plastic free, natural alternative and can be reused and composted. It is great to be able to offer an alternative to customers.”

Best plant-based packaging

Lyspacking – Veganbottle

“This bottle uses the co-products of sugar to create a bioplastic that is really biodegradable. It is a healthy answer to one-use plastic.”

Best plant-based protein

Eat Just, Inc – Folded JUST Egg

“Best innovation in egg substitution and sustainability. Cholesterol-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and packed with more protein than a conventional egg.”

Best plant-based seafood

Good Catch Foods – Plant-based Tuna in Water

“Great new option for consumers to add protein to their diet; the look and texture is just like high-quality tuna retail offerings.”

Best plant-based snack

Alpha Foods – Chik’n Nuggets

“Investors and consumers alike are looking for tasty alternatives to animal-based snacks like nuggets. Great that there are more and more options on the market.”

Best plant-based startup

Vegums – multivitamin hummus for vegans

“Vegums was created by pharmacists and they have successfully developed a fun and easy way to take your vitamins.”

Best plant-based sustainability

Planeteer – incrEDIBLE spoons you eat

“Minimal waste, can easily replace millions of plastic spoons in stores and landfills, a much-needed item in the category, committed to practicing substantially.”

The highly commended products were:

Hooray Foods – Plant-Based Bacon
Planeteer – incrEDIBLE spoons you eat
Good Catch Foods – Plant-based Tuna in Water
New Wave Foods – New Wave Shrimp
Creative Nature – HazelNOT Gnawbles
Du Pont – plant proteins

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Jessica Fox
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