Vegan Trademark collaborates with B2B marketplace Artos

The vegan certification body has teamed up with Artos, a B2B marketplace, to connect ethical brands and speed up trade deals.

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is partnering with the B2B food and drink marketplace Artos, to facilitate deal discovery and finance ethical brands.

Artos, which operates as a “dating app for brands”, matches ethical companies, such as ones selling vegan burgers or sustainable gin, with premium buyers. The collaboration with The Vegan Society’s certification body will allow Trademark holders within the food and drink industry to cut costs and reduce the complexity of business-to-business trade deals.

Apart from the ability to source new and relevant buyers specifically looking for high-quality, sustainable, organic or vegan food and drink brands, Artos users also have the advantage of a simpler trade process. This means that deals on the free-to-use platform can be completed within minutes instead of days. The only fee involved is a small transaction fee for when a deal is finished.

The B2B app also allows brands to be discovered and grow more quickly, and helps buyers access the best ethical brands and close deals faster. It has undergone rapid growth in the UK, Europe and North America as it aims to build a more sustainable food and drink industry.

The Vegan Trademark team will introduce both current holders (which account for more than 50,000 brands) and future applicants to Artos. The app, in turn, will promote the trademark and its benefits to encourage its existing clientele to register.

Read our behind-the-scenes look at the Vegan Trademark certification process.

Artos CEO Annika Monari said: “This collaboration will help make the discovery and financing of deals easier and more accessible for Vegan Trademark holders in the food and drink industry. At Artos, our goal is to build a more sustainable world of food and drink — partnering with a universally trusted brand like the Vegan Trademark takes us a step closer to achieving this.”

Steve Harmon, the charity’s head of business development, added: “We’re very excited to be working with Artos to further support our Trademark holders within the food and drink industry. It is important to us to help our Trademark holders grow and collaborating with innovative brands like Artos allows us to do just that.”

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