The Vegan Review announces collaboration with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark

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The Vegan Review and The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark, two staunch advocates of the plant-based lifestyle, are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to make the message more widespread than ever.

The Vegan Society has long been a respected and trusted resource for vegans lifelong, midterm and new. Offering insight into the history of the movement as well as advice for curious individuals, resource recommendations and even a hub for younger community members, the society is an inclusive destination for all.

One of the most respected facets of The Vegan Society is the Vegan Trademark. A globally recognised brand, it clearly highlights products from all industries and sectors that are suitable for use by those leading a vegan lifestyle. Licence to use the trademark is granted only after thorough audits are carried out to confirm animal-free compliance at every stage of the production process.

Brought into the public domain in 1990, the Vegan Trademark was designed to make product labelling clearer and more transparent, while also offering reassurance to compassionate consumers that they are supporting appropriate product lines. The specificity of the trademark means that it does not apply to overall companies, but rather, individual products from numerous brands, allowing for broader reach and increasingly simple purchasing by the end user.

The Vegan Review is pleased to announce an evolution of the already mutually respectful relationship with The Vegan Society, by working with the Vegan Trademark team. Offering a platform for message reiteration, Vegan Trademark updates and transparent information sharing — via the objective reportage framework carefully crafted by the editorial team — The Vegan Review aims to be a source of consistent support.

Sheridan Rudge, business development officer for The Vegan Society, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to provide news about Vegan Trademark registrations, knowing that it’ll be shared within the community. Being able to work closely with The Vegan Review means that more products will get visibility and contribute to our mission of making veganism mainstream.”

As veganism continues to gather pace and grow, high profile collaborations of this nature will prove increasingly vital for easy and reliable sourcing of advice and information. The Vegan Review is delighted to continually be at the forefront of such progressive initiatives, especially alongside one of the most respected organisations within the entire vegan sphere that champions veganism as a mainstream lifestyle option.

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