The Vegan Review introduces Reviews section for its readers

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The Reviews section will feature feedback and ratings for popular vegan products by and for readers and customers.

The Vegan Review has introduced a new category on its website to enable consumers and readers to share feedback and rate vegan products.

The Reviews section is a space for our audience and brands’ customers to participate in a feedback community and engage with others about their opinions on various products. The category is divided into fashion, food, drink and personal care subgroups, with brands like Oatly, Brave, LoveRaw, Nuud, Beyond Meat, Sproud and Violife.

Damoy Robertson, co-founder and managing director of The Vegan Review, said: “We’ve always wanted to find a way to help our community discover new brands and share their experiences. This is a great step for The Vegan Review to become a more community-driven platform.”

Users are required to log in to The Vegan Review’s to post a review, which helps preserve the authenticity of each post. They can then rate a brand out of five and write about their experience with one or more of their products, as well as voice their outlook on its ethical operations.

All reviews will have the name of the user as well as the date posted for transparency, with a link to the brand’s website as well.

Robertson added: “The hope is, as we continue to grow, our community will contribute to helping those who are either new to veganism or vegan-curious to make more informed decisions.”

Jaimie van Duin, The Vegan Review’s co-founder and brand consultant, said: “The reason we launched The Vegan Review was to break down barriers to veganism. By adding customer reviews, we are giving people a platform to find out what the masses are saying about new and existing brands.

“This is one step closer to our overall goal of building one of the most exciting digital communities out there.”