The Ultimate Guide to veganism in Pakistan

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While it’s a predominantly meat-eating nation, there are still many options for vegans. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to veganism in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a nation known as a ‘culinary heaven’ for many because of the vast range of dishes available from all over the subcontinent. But for is it still possible for vegans to enjoy food while in Pakistan? Here is our guide to satisfying your cravings for vegan Pakistani food and the different cuisines the country has to offer.


pakistan veganOne of the most popular specialities South Asian people take pride in is the local street food. From the iconic chutney-filled pani puri to the mouth-watering masala dosa, Pakistani street food is enjoyed by many local people and foreign visitors, as it truly puts a person on a journey of Asian flavours.

Located in the metropolitan city of Karachi, Mirchili is one of the few restaurants that offer a range of authentic South Asian street food. The menu is mostly meat-free,  and they also have vegan substitute options like chickpeas, rice flour and coconut milk for traditional chutneys. As a bonus, any dish on the menu can be customised according to the customer’s dietary preferences.

Chop Chop Wok


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With locations in three of Pakistan’s major cities — Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi — Chop Chop Wok has earned a name for serving pan-Asian fast food. The restaurants are inspired by international chain Wok to Walk.

All orders are prepared freshly in-store from scratch. The restaurant is the go-to takeout place for many vegans in the country, as it has a variety of vegan-friendly options like tofu, rice noodles and plant-based milk. Their ‘3 step wok’ with rice noodles, Thai sauce and tofu is a must-try.

Neco’s Natural Store & Cafe

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With locations in Karachi and Lahore, Neco’s is known for using organic produce and serving it in an eco-friendly environment. The ambience of the restaurant is truly comforting. Most of the items on the menu are plant-based and, for meat dishes, there are substitutes available.

All the food is cooked in vegetable oil and beside the restaurant, there is a bakery and deli section for food products that can be taken home. Their coconut-infused Malay Laksa is a winner.

Agha’s Supermarket


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Since the number of people choosing to lead a vegan lifestyle is on the rise, the availability of plant-based products has also increased.

Agha’s is one of the convenience stores of Pakistan where imported ready-to-eat meals, dairy alternatives and international brands like Alpro, Oatly and Tesco’s Free From can also be found. Such a variety of vegan products is a rare sight when in Pakistan. Their meals can be enjoyed on the go or when you simply need comfort food.

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