The Ultimate Guide to vegan restaurants in Camden

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Camden is well-known for its rich food scene, offering cuisines from all over the world. But it’s also a hub for many fully vegan places. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to vegan Camden.

With bustling street markets, great nightlife and cuisines from everywhere, Camden Town is one of the most incredible food hubs in London. Veganism is helping raise awareness about climate exchange and popularise plant-based and flexitarian diets. Camden is an area that brings veganism and international cuisines together, in a variety of flavours tucked away in cafes and restaurants.

Here’s our Ultimate Guide to vegan food in Camden.



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Are you in need of an Italian getaway and food that is the very definition of hedonism? Purezza is here to deliver that completely cruelty-free.

Founded in 2015 as the first vegan pizzeria in the UK, the menu covers all the bases of a good restaurant, taking you on a fully authentic vegan experience. Choose from a variety of starters, sourdough pizzas, sides, mains like calzone and lasagna, and indulgent desserts.

The domain of the starter section is Fermented Cheese Platter, featuring creamy cheese that was developed over two years in their laboratory.

If you are not a fan of cheese, you can choose from garlic bread, olives or crunchy fried peanuts.

The pizza selection is rich with ten flavours laid out on an authentic Italian dough resembling a cloud in its texture. You can choose from three bases: regular sourdough, hemp flour or gluten-free.

The pizza menu offers a variety of simple classics like the Margherita and complex flavours like the Parmigiana Party. The options feature fresh vegetables, seasonings, red, white and truffle bases and different cheese.

The toppings also include Italian plant-based meat like nduja, crumbled sausages, beetroot carpaccio and more. More than that, there’s mac and cheese, dough balls, salad and courgette spaghetti as sides.

The dessert menu brings together artisan Italian flavours like tiramisu and gelato with American favourites like cheesecake and brownie.



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Mildreds is not only one of London’s first restaurants to serve plant-based options (since 1988), but also the perfect place for breakfast and brunch lovers.

It might be labelled as a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, but the menu is not short of vegan meals. Everything on the menu that doesn’t have the ‘NV’ (not vegan) label next to it is safe to enjoy.

First things first: breakfast. If you are one of those who believe that it is the most important meal of the day, breakfast at Mildreds won’t disappoint. Choose from tofu egg salad, aubergine bacon, muffins, banana bread or granola. You can also go for a hot drink with either oat, almond or coconut milk.

If you are not an early riser, they’ve got you covered with brunch served during the weekends. Scrambled tofu, fried veggies, avocadoes, vegan feta and sourdough toast are definitely on the menu.

All-day menu has everything from starters through burgers, and mains to desserts. Starters selection offers all the vegan favourites like hummus, arancini and gyoza dumplings, and more.

Burgers include different patties like chicken, black bean or a variation of Chinese fusion in the form of mock duck. Extra vegan cheese and chips on the side are also an option.

The mains will take you on a journey through the flavours of Sri Lanka and different parts of Asia. Choose from kebabs, a curry, stir-fry or soul bowl.

Desserts explore flavours of caramel, chocolate, peanuts and fresh fruits like lemon with coconut or limoncello with elderflower truffles.

Temple of Seitan


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Camden’s newly opened branch of this fried ‘chicken’ vegan burger eatery brings all the decadent greasy favourites and a special new menu.

This is the only branch with a breakfast menu that features seductive plant-based combinations like “vegan egg ‘n’ bacon rolls”, breakfast burgers, and “wings ‘n’ waffles”.

They also offer all their classics using fried seitan as a chicken substitute. You can treat yourself to buckets, wraps, and burgers.

The fried chicken comes in three varieties: popcorn bites, original and hot pieces, and original and flavoured wings.

You can choose from six different vegan chicken and beef burgers topped with cruelty-free sauces like chipotle mayo or burger sauce, cheese, bacon, and more. 

Sides include its signature fries with chicken or chipotle salt, coleslaw and mac n’ cheese.

Temple of Seitan’s menu caters to the sweet tooths too, offering doughnuts, brownies, mud pies, and other treats.

Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner


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As the name tells you, this “vegan AF American diner” is the ideal place for vegans looking for “dirty” junk food experience in Camden.

The mains consist of burgers, a Reuben sandwich with seitan pastrami, hot dogs and Caeser salad. 

As a part of the fully vegan experience, you can choose from three burgers featuring different patties like beef and seitan chicken.

The burgers are improved by dreamy vegan toppings and sauces. The offerings include bacon, cheese, pickles and signature blue cheese sauce.

The best word to sum up the plant-based sides at Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner is cheese. Mac and cheese in two sizes, mozzarella sticks, cheesy and dirty fries are only a fraction of the selection. You can also opt for wings, chilli bowls and coleslaw.

It wouldn’t be a proper American experience without milkshakes. There are seven options, exploring classics like vanilla and chocolate as well as new combinations such as banana Biscoff, chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and peppermint.

What The Pitta


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What The Pitta in Camden is a vegan take on the famous Doner Kebab, using soya pieces marinated in “secret spices”.

There are six mains offering everything that proper a kebab shop does, but all plant-based. Vegan Doner, Vegan Gyros, Falafel Wrap wrapped in flatbread with salad, tzatziki, soy yoghurt and hummus aren’t the only options; you can also go for different boxes packed with vegan kebab meat, chips, and veggies. So you can either build your meal deal, or just go for the mains.

As aside, you can take a pick from chicken nuggets, olives, falafel with hummus, chips, onion rings and tzatziki.

Traditional sweet baklava and ice creams are part of the dessert menu.

Young Vegans


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If your heart craves something more traditional from British cuisine, then Young Vegans pie shop in Camden Market is the right place.

Whether you are craving hot, comforting, classic British flavours or looking for a twist, this is the perfect pie place.

The menu features hearty flavours of gravy, vegan mince, carrots and onions, but also new unexplored fusions like Katsu Curry, or Seitan and Ale in a pie.

Choose the one that is perfect for your taste from seven options and don’t forget the sides. Mash, fries, cheese fries and mac and cheese are here to make your pie into a complete meal.

The menu also includes a dessert section consisting of peanut butter and chocolate mud pie, apple crumble pie and chocolate chip cookie.



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The founders of VBurger, Amir and Reuven, inspired by a diversity of dietary preferences, are on a mission “to create a simple plant-based burger that works for everyone”.

Four burgers and one hot dog are the domain of VBurger’s menu. Using falafel, chicken, beetroot and Moving Mountains patties offers something for everyone’s preferences.

The burgers don’t lack creativity or sauce when it comes to the toppings. You can find chipotle mayo, garlic and chive aioli, tahini, dill gherkins, sauerkraut and more on the menu.

If that’s not enough for you, bring your burgers to the next level with extra cheddar, smashed avocado with lime and coriander or bacon.

Choose from chips, sweet potato fries, onion rings or fried seitan chicken for your side. The menu also offers vegan brownies for those with a sweet tooth.

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