The Ultimate Guide to vegan food in Shoreditch

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Shoreditch is one of London’s most well-known hubs for vegans. The plant-based scene is buoyant and vibrant, just like the area. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to vegan food in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is synonymous with vibrance and bohemia, sporting some incredible venues and spectacular street art, and forming the tech capital of London. It’s crammed with culture, and the vegan food scene is brimming with delicious dishes waiting for you to dive in and devour them.

Here is our Ultimate Guide to vegan eateries in Shoreditch.

This list doesn’t contain restaurants in BOXPARK. For that, check out our guide to vegan food in BOXPARK, which includes all its locations in Shoreditch, Wembley and Croydon.

All-vegan eateries

The Vurger Co


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If you fancy getting up close and personal with a vegan brioche bun, The Vurger Co can satisfy your plant-based burger fantasies. Established in 2016, and setting up shop in Shoreditch in March 2018, co-founders Rachel, Neil and The Vurger Co team were determined to share their drive and dedication to “revolutionising fast food through the power of plants”. The chain’s executive chef is Gaz Oakley, so you can expect some of the best vegan burgers in Shoreditch here.

Its menu exudes immaculate plant-based vibes. Whether you fancy a ‘vurger’, salad, shake or side, it caters for vegans and gluten-free customers.

Choose from an array of enticing vurgers, including the Classic, Auberger, Buffalo and New York Melt, with the option of doubling up on patties or adding extra cheese.

The salad, sides and shake selection is simply seductive. The mac and cheese is doused in truffle oil and the variety of shakes is sensational (each topped with vegan whipped cream, with the option of a shot of rum or whisky).

The Vurger Co can be found at Avant Garde Building in Cygnet Street.



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Redemption embodies healthy eating, exuding their ethos of “caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves” through its extensive plant-based menu.

Founded in 2014 by two female entrepreneurs, Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters, the opening of Redemption stemmed from their frustration: “Why should socialising always be at the expense of your health?”

Its motto ‘Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ is emblazoned onto the daytime and evening menus, so you can indulge in delicious vegan food all day long.

The daytime menu comprises three sections: drinks, all-day food, and hot drinks and sweets. Quench your thirst with an array of cold-pressed organic juices, a smoothie or a shake, a soft drink, a spritzer, a long tonic, a sparkling drink or a beer. The drinks menu is entirely vegan, free of refined sugar and alcohol, so you can indulge without suffering a hefty headache.

The all-day food menu begins with classic breakfast staples with an added plant-based twist. Some of the standout dishes are a protein porridge, a scrumptious slice of banana bread topped with whipped coconut cream and date syrup, and very berry pancakes. There is also a selection of satisfying savoury dishes including the Redemption Burger and the tempeh-based TLT.

As the evening draws in, the Redemption menu alters, providing diners with the opportunity to devour a cheeky cocktail as well as refuel from an array of nibbles, starters, sharing platters, mains and sides.

Redemption also offers an assortment of desserts and hot drinks, including a plant-based cheese board, served with raw crackers, fig chutney and grapes, a decadent raw banoffee pie or a mood-enhancing mocha. 

Redemption Shoreditch is located at 320 Old Street.

Unity Diner


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Unity Diner opened its doors in September 2018 and encompasses all aspects of veganism. Incorporating its mission of ‘plant power’ into their project, the team at Unity Diner is passionate about generating beneficial change for animals and the planet. In addition, it’s a non-profit organisation, with all profits aiding animal rights campaigning work.

It is also dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that all the straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups are completely biodegradable and plastic-free.

The menu screams vegan junk food and embraces the traditional diner experience, serving hot dogs, burgers, fries, shakes and indulgent desserts.

You can ignite your Unity diner adventure with a selection of small plates, including plant-based mozzarella sticks that have been dressed in a herby panko coating, served with a spicy jalapeño chilli sauce. The array of vegan burgers on offer is mouthwatering, from a classic Moving Mountains burger stuffed with melted cheese and ‘bakon’, to a ‘tofish stack’ slathered in a chunky tartare sauce and served between an activated charcoal sesame bun.

Dessert and cocktails are not to be missed. Unity Diner offers a plant-based baked American style cheesecake, a peanut butter blondie (which is also gluten-free) as well as a salted caramel cake, which is drizzled with a chocolate sauce and topped with honeycomb pieces.

The team has designed a selection of signature cocktails including the #milkyourmoments drink, an amalgamation of almond baileys, bourbon, orgeat, soymilk, Aztec chocolate bitters, and matcha.

The Unity Diner is based at 60 Wentworth St in Spitalfields.

Vida Bakery


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Tucked away on Brick Lane is a little paradise of plant-based dainty delights. Opening up their shop in 2018, Dani and Vane have created a plant-based bakery offering cakes, cupcakes, cookies and hot beverages, enticing vegans and non-vegans alike.

Their incredible slabs of vegan cake will have you salivating, with flavours like carrot, black forest, chocolate orange and rainbow.

If you have any forthcoming festivities or a birthday bash, Vida Bakery can customise a celebration cake to cater for any occasion.

You can find Vida Bakery at 139 Brick Lane, and order online too.



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Genesis will blow your plant-based mind. Its alchemy-style concept offers diners an insight into innovative vegan cuisine, with their menu providing extensive options from Korean BBQ wings created with seitan chicken and smothered sticky Asian BBQ sauce to a Torta Milanesa, which consists of crispy panko aubergine, added vegetables, slathered with guacamole and salsa roja, squished into a vegan brioche bun.

Priding itself with providing the first CBD brunch menu in the United Kingdom, the team offers customers the opportunity to sample dishes such like a cannabis croissant, which is stuffed with 3mg CBD, frangipane and pistachio, as well as a CBD mango and passionfruit smoothie.

You can find Genesis at 144 Commercial Street.

Picky Wops


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Transport your taste buds to the land of pizza, pasta and puddings, as Picky Wops whips up some of the most impressive plant-based dishes outside Italy.

From a traditional ‘Maggie’, its slang for a Margherita, to a carbonara covered in a creamy cashew sauce and topped with crispy THIS Isn’t Bacon pieces, you can curb those Italian cravings with a trip to this booming Brick Lane business.

Finish your feast with a terrific tiramisu, or a chocolate sharing pizza, which is slathered in a vegan chocolate spread and topped with pine nuts.

Picky Wops is at 53 Brick Lane.



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Mooshies prides itself on producing 100% plant-based food, which is made fresh daily on their site based in Brick Lane. Exuding love into every dish, they offer diners a choice of burgers and hot dogs, sides, desserts and a selection of soft drinks, hot drinks and vegan alcoholic beverages.

You can board the burger bus with ‘What’s Your Beef?’, which has a quinoa and black bean patty, with caramelised onions, vegan cheese, lettuce and gherkins smothered in a beautiful burger sauce, or you can opt for a spicy sausage with ‘The Mexican”, which comprises a chickpea and mushroom hot dog served with spicy chipotle mayo and jalapeños, wedged into a soft and scrumptious bun.

Mooshies can be found at 104 Brick Lane.

Vegan Yes


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Do you fancy a fantastic fusion feast? Then look no further, as Vegan Yes marries Korean and Italian cuisines, creating a set of plant-based dishes that will spark satisfaction into your supper.

If you’re a keen kimchi fan, Vegan Yes has a humongous range of kimchi-themed dishes, from a kimchi burger to a kimchi lasagne.

If you are averse to the Korean fermented delicacy, they also offer an array of kimchi-free dishes, including a mushroom gnocchi with a Korean twist, as it is topped with seaweed and sesame seeds.

Vegan Yes Shoreditch can be found at 64 Brick Lane.

Hungry Beast


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Britain’s first vegan Indian curry house is conveniently located in Shoreditch, providing diners with an immersive Indian experience.

They have cleverly recreated traditional sides, mains and sauces to cater to a vegan audience, including a vegan chicken masala, chicken tikka korma and peshwari naan.

Hungry Beast ensures curbs all your curry cravings, as they have an extensive range of classic dishes including vegan versions of a bhuna, vindaloo, Rogan josh, vindaloo, madras, and dhansak.

Hungry Beast is located at 87 Kingsland Road.

Halo Burger


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Fix your fast food fascination with a stop at the pinnacle of vegan junk food in Shoreditch: Halo Burger. A believer in the Beyond Meat range, Halo has devised an assortment of plant-based burgers, and sides that sound seductive and sumptuous.

In addition to burgers, they offer This Isn’t Chicken nuggets, as well as ‘Don’t Have a Cow Fries”, which consist of thin cut pink salt fries with melted vegan cheese, signature sauce and caramelised onions.

If you can squeeze in a shake, they stock DÁPPA soft serves, which are also used to create vanilla malt, peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes. 

Halo Burger Shoreditch is at 105 Great Eastern St.

Eateries offering vegan options



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Dishoom radiates the authenticity of the Irani cafes of Bombay. The iconic chain pays homage to the traditional cafes that smashed stereotypes, welcoming “rich businessmen, sweaty taxi-wallas and courting couples”.

The decor of the restaurant immerses diners into an Irani cafe adventure, from The Permit Room to The Verandah, you will leave feeling full and fascinated.

Dishoom offers a vegan menu from breakfast through to dinner, with dishes like Vegan Akuri, a plant-based version of the Irani cafe-classic spiced-scrambled egg, served with a homemade vegan bun and a grilled tomato, and a Chole Puri, which is a warming bowl of chickpea curry with sweet halwa alongside, served with puffed puris. 

Its extensive cocktail menu embraces the beauty of Bombay, including a Chai Paanch, which is a concoction of lemon shrubs with whiskey, chai, dark rum and two liqueurs: “one ginger, one 80% cocoa”.

Dishoom’s Shoreditch site is located at 7 Boundary Street.

Ozone Coffee Roasters


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Its original site, situated on Leonard Street, Ozone is a haven for coffee addicts and brunch aficionados. Offering an all-day brunch and a weekday menu, Ozone offers plenty of plant-based dishes to soak up the copious amounts of coffee you’ll consume.

The extensive brunch menu offers vegans a luscious banana bread, which is served alongside hazelnut butter and strawberry jam, and a Green Brekkie, which consists of house-made tofu, potato hash, charred greens and kimchi.

The weekday menu is served from 8am to 3pm and customers with a choice of luxurious lunchtime plant-based dishes. The current selection includes a pea risotto and fermented hummus served with raw vegetables and sourdough crackers. Ozone ensures that its menu remains inclusive and diverse, practicing sustainability and whole-cycle cooking to minimise waste and maximise flavour.

Ozone is at 11 Leonard Street, a two-minute walk from Old Street station.



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The team at Attendant is adamant to articulate its dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing through its cafes, located in Fitzrovia, Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.

Providing a breakfast, lunch and brunch menu, Attendant Shoreditch provides a variety of vegan-friendly dishes, from a Pakora Focaccia to an Avocado Smash, which is served with a smoky butter bean hummus, pickled shallots and pea shoots, then drizzled with a roasted red pepper tahini dressing and sprinkled with seeds. 

Attendant is located at 74 Great Eastern Street.

Anna Fox
Anna Fox
Anna is a journalism undergraduate at City, University of London, who as a keen sportswoman, is fascinated by the effects a vegan diet has on athletic performance. Motivated by the Netflix documentary ‘Game Changers’, she is keen to continue her research into veganism and its significance within sport. Lover of all things Lush; a kimchi convert, and an animal admirer, Anna’s strong will and passion for the planet, will have you questioning that beefy Bolognese.