The Ultimate Guide to vegan burgers in London

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Find the perfect burger that will satisfy your plant-based cravings and fit your palate with our Ultimate Guide to vegan burgers in London.

Veganism is not just about being healthy, it’s also about treating yourself to your favourite junk food that is cruelty-free. And what’s a better version of junk food than a greasy, dirty burger improved by a plant-based patty and different delicious toppings?

Here’s our Ultimate Guide to the best vegan burgers in London.

Halo Burger


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Halo Burger is the ultimate hot spot for lovers of junk food. It serves the best plant-based patties on the market, Beyond Meat, in a soft burger bun with its signature cheese sauce, and that isn’t the only decadent experience on the menu.

You can take your pick from classics like Quarter Pounder, the Halo Burger, Smoky Carolina BBQ, Cheeseburger, Hamburger or the Japenese Fusion Katsu Burger. That last one is the newest hit, full of different flavours and packed with deep-fried vegan gouda, umami mayo, shredded cabbage and Tonkatsu sauce.

Halo’s menu also features THIS Isn’t Chicken nuggets. You can also indulge in Don’t Have a Cow Fries: loaded chips with melted cheese, the signature Halo sauce and caramelised onions.

Recently, Halo Burger paired up with vegan ice cream brand DÁPPA and expanded its offering with soft-serve ice cream and milkshakes.

It has two locations: the original in Brixton and the latest in Shoreditch.

The Vurger Co


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This is not just another fully vegan restaurant; The Vurger Co is on “a mission of revolutionising fast food through the power of plants”.

The ‘vurgers’ are served on vegan brioche buns, featuring four different patties. The Classic patty is made from black beans, chargrilled red peppers, chickpeas and corns. The Auburger contains braised aubergine, chickpeas, red onions and Tabasco chipotle.

For vegan lovers of plant-based meat, they offer a Buffalo hot sauce-covered ‘chicken’ patty and baconnaise, as well as a Beyond Meat burger called New York Melt, served with double vegan cheese.

All the burgers are packed with fresh vegetables and homemade sauces like cumin mayo, baconnaise and more. Its latest hits are the Peri Peri Chicken Burger and Peri Peri Tater Tots.

You can bring your ‘vurger’ to the next level with a variety of sides comprising of different chips, mac ‘n’ cheese and Kentucky chicken bites.

The Vurger Co wouldn’t be an absolute vegan fast food restaurant if it didn’t offer milkshakes. That’s why it’s got you covered with seven different sweet flavours, which you can also spice up with a shot of rum or whisky.

You can find branches tucked away in Shoreditch and Canary Wharf. Their newest joint opened up in Brighton too.

Temple of Seitan


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Temple of Seitan doesn’t need a long introduction. Two words are enough: cruelty-free chicken. As London’s first vegan chicken restaurant, it offers six different burgers to die for.

Find your perfect fit among three plant-based chicken burgers combined with toppings like bacon, cheese, coleslaw and different types of mayo, or three vegan beef burgers featuring similar extras.

Its main speciality is the fried seitan, resembling chicken, which is sold in buckets, wraps and as a mac ‘n’ cheese topping.

Temple of Seitan also offers a variety of sides, like chips (with chicken or chipotle salt), coleslaw and five dipping sauces.

Its new Camden branch combines all your favourites with an extra: a breakfast menu. Treat yourself to vegan Egg ‘n’ Bacon Rolls, breakfast burgers, and Wings ‘n’ Waffles.

It’s located in the heart of Camden, Hackney and by the King’s Cross canal.

Honest Burgers

Even though Honest’s menu isn’t fully vegan, its two vegan burger options are definitely worth it.

Beyond Meat in combination with vegan smoked Gouda, chipotle mayo, mustard, pickles and lettuce is a scrumptious mix, simply called Plant.

Bacon Plant, with crispy THIS Isn’t Bacon, resembles its vegan sibling closely, but is enriched by shoestring fries, ketchup and fresh spinach.

Both burgers are serving with rosemary salting chips.

With branches all over London, you can find the one closest to you with this handy map.

Dirty Vegan


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As the name tells you, this is a dirty plant-based experience, not lacking any grease.

You can enjoy a plant-based patty on demi-brioche buns in four different ways. You can either opt for one of the three versions of the Classic — cheese, chilli cheese or BLT — or try a twist on ‘mac ‘n’ cashew cheese’ called Mac Daddy.

The burgers at Dirty Vegan are just a beginning; they also serve bites, sides, ice cream and milkshakes, ensuring a complete American junk food experience. Try “hot and ready” bites in the form of cauliflower popcorn and chick’n nuggets with your choice of four dipping sauces.

When it comes to sides, take your pick from regular skinny fries or sweet potato ones, and you can go cheesy or completely ‘dirty’ with a jalapeño dressing, BBQ-braised shitake mushrooms, red chillies and chives. The menu also features coleslaw and mac n’ cheese.

The ice cream and milkshakes are supplying by DÁPPA, offering a creamy cashew experience.

Find Dirty Vegan in Westfield all week round or in Soho on Mondays.



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Coming all the way from New York, by CHLOE. is a healthier take on fast food, with a 100% vegan experience guaranteed.

The most popular is the Guac Burger, with a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty filled with corn salsa, guac, tortilla strips, and chipotle aioli.

The other two burger options are the Classic, featuring a tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut patty with pickles and its special sauce, or the new Hot Chicky Sandwich, with crispy tempeh chicken in hot sauce.

by CHLOE.’s menu has got pretty much everything that vegan hearts can desire, from plant-based fish and chips and pesto meatballs to mac n’ cheese, fries and vegan chicken dippers.

The cherry on top is the dessert menu, exploring all the sweet flavours like chocolate, fruit, cinnamon and nuts.

by CHLOE. is offering its vegan burgers at four different locations in London. Find your nearest one here.

Biff’s Jack Shack


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Biff’s Jack Shack is the ultimate place for jackfruit lovers, as its whole menu consists of different versions of jackfruit junk food. The main burger ingredient is a crispy fries jackfruit patty serving on a crunchy brioche bun.

The seven burgers on the menu don’t lack creativity, whether it’s their names or flavours. American cheese, chipotle slaw, truffling black pepper mayo or seitan bacon are just a fraction of the menu’s vibrance.

The other specialities are the four different flavours of wings. Ranging from a bourbon-infused BBQ sauce to a sweet maple chipotle hot sauce.

Like any other burger joint on this list, chips are a must. Biff’s brings an extravaganza of seven types of loaded chips exploring sweet and savoury flavours. Definitely not lacking sauces, spices, and toppings.

It also serves chocolate and peanut butter flavours of DÁPPA ice cream.

You can find your nearest Biff’s Jack Shack here.

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