The UK’s Best Vegan Delivery Boxes

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many vegan brands have decided to provide extensions of their services to help customers stay home and safe. We selected three vegan home delivery boxes and compared them to help you choose the box (or the boxes) that suits your needs the best.

As everyone knows, it is important to eat fresh fruits and vegetable everyday, and many brands offer delivery services for these kind of products: you can find many of them on this specific website, and check which ones are available in your area.

However, if someone wants to bake the perfect vegan cake or cook a delicious vegan BBQ during the lockdown, avoiding trips to crowded supermarkets and shops, it may be quite difficult. For this reason, vegan delivery boxes seem be a very good idea. 


Will’s London Grocery Box

Even if Wills London is not known as a food company, but as vegan luxury shoe producer, Vegan Delivery Boxthis brand decided to contribute to the safety of their customers by providing a food delivery service. More specifically, you can go on their website and select the ‘Grocery Box’ section, where it is possible to find a wide variety of vegan food products from more than 180 brands, from Amisa cake mixes and bread, to Ananda’s Food home-made vegan marshmallows. The delivery cost in the UK is around £3 and. You have to select at least 10 items for each order. So the price varies on the base of the products you choose. International shipping is available and the cost is calculated at check-out.


The Squeaky Bean Plant Based Box

Vegan Delivery Box
The Squeaky Bean Plant-Based Box

Created by a group of vegan companies, this unique box is sold via the app Foodchain, which was originally reserved to restaurants. However, in light of the difficult circumstances caused by this pandemic. They decided to let individual customers open an account and order their favourite food boxes. In particular, The Squeaky Bean Plant Based Box gathers some top-quality vegan brands like Squeaky BeanViveraMummy MeagzMinor Figures and Vadasz. This box contains 12 products, among which many meat substitutes produced by Squeaky Beans and Vivera. Like crispy nuggets and kebab. It also contains fishless fingers, American pancakes and other vegan treats. The price is about £38.99 including delivery. At the moment it can be delivered within the M25 and parts of Hertfordshire. But they hope to expand their service to other areas soon. If you want to learn more about this vegan box, you can read this article


KBK Vegan Essentials Box

This company specialises in ready-to-eat meals and. They now offer a plant based box that can be delivered nationwide in the UK. Their vegan box also contains fresh fruits vegetables and staple vegetables such as onions, carrots and potatoes. On top of that. The box includes pasta, rice, bread, almond milk, jack fruit and vegan cheese from Violife, but not only. Here you can find the full list of items. This box was priced £65, and now it is on sale for £45. When placing an order, you can chose the box size (1 or 2 people). The delivery takes about 3 or 4 working days and it is free.

Valentina Nieddu
Valentina Nieddu
Valentina Nieddu is a Communication Specialist based in Italy. She graduated from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) in Languages for Communication in International Enterprises, with a case study about sustainable business in Europe. Valentina has been vegan since 2010, when she was only 15 years old. As a professional in the communication field, she has always tried to inform people about the reasons supporting the vegan choice, using reliable sources. In particular, she aims at telling stories about people giving their positive and personal contribution to the animal cause, so that they can inspire others. That is why she joined The Vegan Review in March 2020.