The Turmeric Co: Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu tells his story

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The Turmeric Co. was founded after I experienced the incredible benefits of turmeric in a bioavailable form first-hand, which essentially enabled me to return to my professional footballing career stronger and healthier than ever before.

Early on in my career, I suffered from bad injuries which consequently required surgery to rectify. After a second operation on my knee aged 17, the surgeon explained to my dad that I would probably never recover to the point where I could become a top professional in my field. Despite being prescribed medication from doctors, I was still left with severe inflammation and chronic pain whenever I played, exasperated through swelling in my knee. Determined to get back to full fitness, my dad and I began to look at other options. Research led us to raw ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory properties such as pomegranate, ginger, and turmeric as a more natural approach to relieving my symptoms. Taking this blend every day for 3 months, I started noticing a difference.


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Image credits: The Tumeric Co.

Over the years, turmeric became increasingly prevalent in the health drink industry. As turmeric and ginger-based drinks started to appear in supermarkets, I was excited at the prospect of getting my remedy from a shop shelf. But after trying these ‘health’ drinks, I was unpleasantly surprised by their synthetic tastes and watered-down consistencies. Our homemade blend was so much fresher than what was being sold, and I wanted others to improve their health naturally and enjoy the benefits, just as I had. There was evidently a gap in the market for potent turmeric products that didn’t compromise on flavour. So, in 2018, The Turmeric Co. was born.

Having developed this formula over 15 years, our core range of shots contain a potent 35g of raw turmeric, combined with an array of highly nutritious vegan ingredients such as watermelon and pineapple. Naturally occurring nutrients contain an unrivalled variety of health benefits, so it’s no surprise that all our shots are powered by plants and have no added sugar or cheap, processed fillers like apple juice.

Where we source our ingredients is also very important to us; we work with ethical suppliers and aim to have direct relationships with our growers. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more difficult to form these closer connections with farmers. As we continue to develop, this will be an area in which we will invest more of our time, energy and focus.

As a small entrepreneurial company that has scaled fast, we still have ambition deeply rooted in our culture. We are a motivated group that share a desire to help others through the functional health support of our products. Habitually drinking our shots daily has helped to improve the overall health of over 50,000 people, providing the vital nutrients to support healthy bodily functions. One of the major contributors to our success was the fact we do not cut corners – we took our time perfecting our blends, and have also taken our time to grow a dedicated team behind the brand. This approach allowed our products to be fit for the market and has also established a strong company culture. Today, we operate around the values – honesty, positivity, innovation, ambition, passion and humility – and you’ll see those principles in action when we work. Whether it’s seeking an energy boost, enhancing immunity, aiding recovery, or fuelling performance, the team witness the incredible impact that our products can have first-hand, so we are all massive advocates of functional nutrition. Naturally, we uplift each other to go above and beyond in our roles; a genuine business is one that is driven by passion and not ego. 

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Image credits: The Tumeric Co.

By demonstrating that we act on our values with authenticity, we have built a trusting and committed community that is invested in turmeric. Alongside partnering with elite-level professional sports teams, we are fortunate enough to have a diverse customer base who use our range to support different stages of their wellness journeys. The meaningful conversations we have with our community are always productive and fuel our desire to fulfil the varying needs of our consumers. From recovering after a restrictive medical condition to sustaining intense training, our products could provide that extra boost needed to hit 20k steps a day, or may even supply the nutrients required to give your immune system some much-needed support.

There is an immense sense of pride that comes with knowing that our hard work has such a positive impact on the lives of so many. In my eyes, we are only getting started and will strive to be a market leader by offering the most effective, high quality and flavoursome products available today.