The most vegan-friendly U.S state is…Hawaii!

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A map has been created that is based on data from Yelp, HappyCow and the US Census Bureau, identifying which states are the most vegan-friendly! Stats were accumulated and ratings were achieved by identifying the areas with the most amount of fully vegan restaurants per capita. 

The map shows some interesting patterns. And whilst veganism gains more and more in popularity, it is evident that the majority of vegan-friendly states are coastal, with the least popular being in the middle of the country. 

Top and bottom rankers

As a ranking, we find the top ten vegan-friendly states are as follows: 

  • Hawaii – 17.60
  • Oregon – 17.18
  • Rhode Island – 16.08
  • Maryland – 13.57
  • California – 12.54
  • Nevada – 12.52
  • Virginia – 12.21
  • West Virginia – 12.18
  • Massachusetts – 12.03
  • Vermont – 11.18

In contrast, the least vegan-friendly states are:

  • Oklahoma – 1.52
  • Mississippi – 2.01
  • Alabama – 2.05
  • Kansas – 2.06
  • Maine – 2.24

The map was devised by vegan recipe site, Vegan in the Freezer. As a useful tool, they create vegan-based trend maps on a monthly basis. 

Veganising the world

It’s hugely inspiring to see so much movement towards a more vegan-friendly world. And stats like the above will only serve to further encourage people to do that little bit more. 

As we’ve recently seen vegan butcher stores opening in supermarkets in France, as well as fully vegan Burger King’s in Central London, the world is evolving and we’re excited to see what’s next in terms of mainstream vegan offerings.

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
Alice Soule is a Writer and Editor, and graduated with a BA in Social Policy. She is passionate about veganism and animal rights but equally has a love of sports, reading, and drinking tea. Alice is a perpetual dreamer and recently finished writing her first novel. As yet to be published...because she's already dreaming up the next story...