The International Vegan Film Festival 2020 goes online this weekend

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From October 10 to 17, over 25 vegan films will be screened at the International Vegan Film Festival online.

The International Vegan Film Festival 2020 is about to launch this weekend. With over 25 vegan films and documentaries screening on Eventive, the festival was founded by Shawn Stratton, an international team building and leadership consultant and author.

The full lineup can be found here. Here are some of the highlights:

Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

First shown on Channel Four last year, George Monbiot takes an in-depth look at various innovative ways to curb the critical point we’ve reached with the impact of industrial animal farming. This is one of two documentaries presented by Monbiot featured in this year’s festival, the second being Monbiot: Arresting the Truth.


This film captures two years in the life of former dairy farmer Jan Gerdes and animal rights activist Karin Mück, founders of Hof Butenland, a farm that was turned into a sanctuary. There is no livestock here, just rescued farmed animals enjoying their retirement.

Countdown to Year Zero

“If we don’t take meaningful action on climate change now, we may soon reach a point of no return.” Centering around the daily choices everyone makes, the film offers “a specific solution to reverse climate change”. It features interviews with social media influencers, activists and celebrities, showing what is being done now and how “we have the power to heal our planet“.

Don’t Stand for Injustice

This is a simple 60-second Public Service Announcement, in conjunction with the 2020 Super Bowl, that would introduce PETA’s Anti-Speciesism Campaign to a global audience.

Freedom for Skye

Skye was one of 90 dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea as part of a Humane Society International program that works with farmers to help them transition to more profitable and humane business.

Humans and Elephants

An eco-tourist realises his experiences visiting elephants in national parks and sanctuaries in Cambodia and Sri Lanka have unintended consequences.

Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox
Jessica has been vegan for nearly 20 years; over the past 8 years, she has been actively involved in the London vegan community, organising and hosting a variety of vegan events.She also regularly hosts walks, potlucks, and art/creative writing workshops. Jessica is an artist, writer, and genealogist; she loves photography, swimming, and walking in the countryside and seaside.