The Instagram picnic: Here’s how to keep it vegan-friendly

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Aesthetically pleasing picnic spreads have been trending on social media since the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK. Here are some options to keep your picnic vegan friendly.

Most of social media’s beautiful looking spreads — made up of cheese boards, chocolate fondues and mini pizzas — are not vegan. The lack of vegan representation on social media may put you off creating your own picnic. But there are many alternatives to these foods, which could be just as Instagram-worthy. 


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1. Fruit platters

fruit platterYou can’t go wrong with fruit; refreshing, juicy, and perfect for a hot summer’s day. All you need is a round platter or a large plate and a selection of your favourite fruits. Strawberries, raspberries and watermelon slices are the go-to Instagram picnic fruits because of their bright colours. Cutting your fruit into different shapes would make for even more interesting photos.

2. Vegan brownies

vegan browniesThese are the perfect treats for the sweet tooth in the group. Vegan brownies not only look great stacked together on a plate, they are also easy to make and taste delicious. Sprinkle the brownies with powdered sugar for an exquisite look. Or if brownies aren’t your thing, you could try other vegan baked goods with egg substitutes. 

3. Hummus and breadsticks


An alternative to cheeseboards, this chickpea dip is not only a go-to snackbut also comes in a variety of colours, which is great for Instagram photos. Place your hummus in small glass pots on top of a wooden chopping board filled with breadsticks for that rustic picnic look. You could even change it up and fill the board with carrot and cucumber sticks or crackers for extra nutrition. 

4. Vegan chocolate fondue

vegan chocolate fondueA chocolate fondue isn’t as hard to make as you may have thought. Just grab your favourite plain chocolate bar, pop it in a small bowland run it in the microwave at 10-second intervals. Take it out to stir until the chocolate is perfectly melted. Place the bowl in the middle of a round plate and decorate the plate with pieces of fruit. Strawberries are highly recommended here. 

5. Mini sandwiches

vegan sandwichYou cannot have a picnic without a mini-sandwich platter. Avocados, beetroots and tomatoes are some great vegan sandwich fillings. Just cut your sandwiches into small triangles and line them up on a rectangular dish for a fancy aesthetic. These small bites are hard to resist. 

6. Drinks

picnic drinks

Refreshing and colourful, drinks are great staples for an Instagram picnic. Pour them into champagne flutes or mason jars for a chic look. The more colourful your drinks are, the better. Place some coloured straws in your glasses for a quirky aesthetic. 

7. Vegan sausage rolls


vegan sausage rollsThe classic Greggs sausage roll now comes with a vegan option. Vegan sausage rolls are a fillingsavoury option for your picnic. Cut them into small slices and place them on a rectangular platter. If you want to make your own sausage rolls, there are many recipes available online. 

8. Salads


vegan saladA picnic staple that is often forgotten, salads are nutritious and beautiful to look at with their array of colours and crunchy ingredients. Chop up your vegetablestoss them in a bowl, and garnish with some fresh herbs for an easy but pretty Instagram picnic dish. 

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