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Rather than sitting around feeling upset that we can’t go outside, we’ve decided to pamper ourselves and fall back in love with our bodies and The Body Shop.

It’s no secret that The Body Shop products have largely been produced with a diverse demographic in mind, including vegans. Founded by the revolutionary Anita Roddick, a force to be reckoned with who declared that businesses could be tools for positive change, not just profit, The Body Shop has long stood for kinder, more eco-friendly practices and natural products.

This in itself has always made it popular with plant-based shoppers, but the extensive range of cruelty-free and vegan offerings that are currently for sale have made it a household favourite for millions around the world.

Are Body Shop products subject to animal testing?

body shop animal testingNot now and not ever. One of the few companies that have always taken a strong and immovable stance on animal testing, The Body Shop is proud of its totally cruelty-free underpinnings.

In fact, as an organisation, it has been at the front of the charge to eliminate the need for animal testing for decades, and though not all of the products sold currently are vegan, 100% are vegetarian and certified cruelty-free.

Is there an easy-to-find list of vegan products?

Yes. In a bid to make it as easy as possible to find plant-based skincare items, each tab on the website reveals a drop-down menu that has a specific vegan section. This allows shoppers to simply browse the items that are suitable for their needs, without having to double-check ingredients labels or being disappointed by the inclusion of honey or other non-vegan additions.

Is that a collective sigh of relief we just heard?

Toying with the idea that honey can be vegan? Take a look at our report on why it isn’t.

The best The Body Shop vegan products for the face

body shop face productsMore than just a beauty brand that has cosmetics for sale, The Body Shop has garnered itself an enviable reputation for the vast number of skincare solutions that it sells. All of the restorative, preparatory and protective products have loyal consumer bases that swear by them, but the following ranges are exceptionally popular with vegan skincare fanatics:

Himalayan Charcoal

A powerful aid in the fight against clogged pores, the Himalayan Charcoal range has been designed to purify and cleanse to new depths. Cited as being the perfect start to any new skincare regime, the mask and wash work together to combat the effects of everyday pollution and general dirt.

Tea Tree

A must for anyone with unpredictable skin, the Tea Tree range has been conceived to offer a solution to every issue. Even down to a night mask that you slather on before bed to prevent next-day breakouts. Even simple tea tree oil is beneficial for skin, being a perfect dab-on ointment for persistent spots and a natural pick me up when used in a diffuser.

Drops of Youth

A premium range, everything under the Drops of Youth banner comes with a higher price tag, though verified customers cannot get enough of the age-reversing effects, leaving many items out of stock.

With serums, peels, masks and everything in between, medicine cabinets can fill up as quickly as wrinkle should disappear and the magic is all attributed to natural plant goodness. Glowy, dewy and bouncy skin is the name of the game here.

Other ranges are also available, with aloe, seaweed and rose preparations all being suitable for vegans, so it often comes down to the kind of scent that is liked best. Especially when problem skin isn’t an issue.

Recommended products for the body

body shop moisturiserFaces and bodies need different levels of care. While you can get away with a more generic moisturiser from your neck down (dermatological complaints withstanding), your face needs everything taken into consideration, from pore reduction to spot clearing and brightening as well. That being said, it never hurts to give your body more attention and care, which is where more Body Shop goodies can come into play.

Just as with facial options, there are a number of easy to find vegan body products, but these are some of the best collections:

British Rose

Designed to leave a delicate yet definite scent behind, the British Rose collection features real rose petals where possible, for exfoliating properties and extra luxe. Feminine and timeless, this is a scent that has proven popular with vegans of all ages, thanks to a range of complementary items that span soaps through to moisturisers.


Intended to deliver more of a fresh and barely-there scent, the Moringa creams are an ideal base for other perfumes and serums. The hand cream, in particular, has been created to infuse moisture in a gel format, without any greasy residue or overpowering smell. Sophisticated, nourishing and vegan, this is a range for understated skincare fans.


The benefits of vitamin C are no secret and when it comes to skincare, the more you can infuse it with citrusy goodness, the better. For bright, energised and gorgeous smelling skin, the Satsuma range is hard to beat. Zesty rather than sweet, the range includes a perfume, soaps and creams that all work together to create a layered but never too rambunctious odour.


Shea butter is a funny one. Some swear by it and have used it as long as they can remember and others have never heard of it but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is one of the Body Shop’s most popular ranges.

Leaving skin and hair silky soft, nourished and smelling incredible, it is a welcome alternative to the commonplace beeswax in mainstream products and offers vegans a viable alternative that can be used every day. It’s also worth noting that the Body Shop only uses Community Fair Trade throughout its range, sourcing it from Ghana.

Vegan haircare

body shop hair productsIn the interests of full transparency, there aren’t a lot of vegan haircare products available. That’s not to say that those that are aren’t excellent, just that your choices are limited and if you need to use a conditioner, we hope you like ginger.

The shampoos are mostly fruity, with strawberry and lemon to choose from, but if you have dry or very curly hair, the shea butter option might suit you better. A bottle of coconut oil can be bought in place of the ginger conditioner and 100% unadulterated shea butter can also be enjoyed, but other than these items, vegans are a little out of luck on the hair front.

The Body Shop’s vegan makeup products

vegan makeupThis is where The Body Shop really shines and comes through for vegan cosmetic fanatics. Not only is there a full complement of plant-based and cruelty-free makeup, it also all comes in a huge range of shades in a bid to be inclusive. It happens to smell good and err on the more natural side of the cosmetics world, making it excellent for amateurs and makeup pros alike.

Rather than simply offering a few cursory products, vegans can buy a whole face of products from the Body Shop, including waterproof mascara, brow gel, highlighter, bronzer and, of course, foundation and concealer. Some of the most noteworthy products include:

Shade Adjusting Drops

Designed to lighten or darken foundation, these clever little drops are a must for all makeup bags. They literally give you the power to turn an almost perfect foundation into one that looks tailormade for you. Ideal for when you don’t have a huge budget for your base layers.

Setting Spray

Enriched with aloe vera and free from harmful chemicals, this setting spray, unlike most, is suitable for sensitive skin and vegans. It won’t dry out the face or leave you wearing a strange odour all day either, which really is a step up from most on the market in the same price bracket.

Coconut Bronze Tan

Available as a gradual deepening lotion, shimmer powders and dry oil, this range smells as good as it looks and gives the appearance of a summer holiday glow, even in lockdown. Users say that it creates a natural and streak-free tan that is easy to maintain or fade out when the seasons change. It also leaves the skin moisturised and evenly toned.

Read our interview with visionary professional makeup artist Jaineesha, who uses only vegan products.

What are The Body Shop’s best products overall?

best body shop productsWhere The Body Shop really excels, especially in terms of vegan products, is the huge variety of scents and tailored moisturisers. From dry to greasy and problem skin, there is something for everyone, and without ever having to compromise on ethics or sensory preferences.

Sufferers from dry skin are very well looked after by The Body Shop, with so many shea and coconut options, but so too are those looking to stop ageing in its tracks. Yes, the Drops of Youth range is certainly more expensive than every other collection, but compared to other anti-ageing creams, it is reasonably priced. Add in the fact that it is also entirely vegan, which not many other brands can claim with their youth serums, and we have a clear winner. A comprehensive collection of products that work perfectly together but are still effective on their own, for when budgets are tight, the Drops of Youth range is the best thing you can buy at The Body Shop.

With over 50% of the entire catalogue being suitable for vegans, The Body Shop’s products are an obvious go-to for the plant-based community regardless of age, skin type and even budget. With no lanolin, beeswax, keratin or any other commonly used but little known non-vegan ingredients, the easy-to-find vegan options perform well, help you do good and never put beauty before ethics.

Amy Buxton
Amy Buxton
Amy is a committed ethical vegan, raising a next generation compassionate human with her husband and their beloved dog, Boo. A freelance writer with a background in PR, she decided to use the COVID lockdown period to refocus her client base and has come to The Vegan Review as a senior writer and editor, before moving into her external content director role. "What we should be doing is working at the job of life itself" is Amy's mantra, courtesy of Tom from The Good Life.