The 10 best cities to be a vegan digital nomad

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Remote work and travel as a vegan is better when you know where to go! Here’s a breakdown of top cities around the world to be a vegan digital nomad.

The term ‘digital nomad’ typically refers to someone who has left the constraints of a traditional nine-to-five job in favour of working remotely while travelling the world.

Post-COVID-19, as travel resumes and remote work is set to become the standard, the number of digital nomads will likely only increase.

When all you need is reliable internet to get your work done and make a living, the options are endless. A month abroad? A week in a country that’s been on your bucket list for ages? Travelling with no end in sight? Why not?

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Of course, if you are a digital nomad who happens to be vegan, an affordable city and good wifi aren’t the only factors you’ll want to consider. The availability of delicious plant-based food matters when deciding where you’ll choose to live and work for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Not all cities offer the same amounts of vegan-friendliness, after all.

We took a look at some of the best cities around the world for both vegans and for remote workers, and combined it into the following list of the best cities to be a vegan digital nomad.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

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With friendly and generally open-minded locals, this city is a top pick for the vegan digital nomad that seeks safety, supremely fast internet at a wide choice of cafes and coworking spaces, and wildly delicious vegan fare. PETA has also called Taipei the most friendly vegan city in Asia.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: Popular bakery Vegan Heaven offers up lovingly crafted pastries and beverages, including cookies, tarts, and a veganised traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

las palmas de gran canariaFor a relatively small city, Las Palmas has quite the coworking scene. Take your pick from one of many coworking spots like CoWorking C (CWC), ReStation (also offers coliving), or Soppa de Azul to find your focus.

With delicious options that cater to all types of vegans, including raw and gluten-free, plant-based eaters won’t go hungry. The city’s year-round warm, sunny weather and ample beaches also make it the perfect spot for remote workers looking to escape colder climates.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: Grab a drink with your new digital nomad friends at Bioloco, a popular 100% vegan and cruelty-free bar and restaurant. It’s affordable, has friendly staff, and is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Las Canteras Beach.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiang mai veganOften touted as the absolute best city for digital nomads, Chiang Mai is also one of the most fun and easiest destinations to be a vegan foodie! The city has a bustling community of remote workers, a very low cost of living, and lots of things to do. You’ll never be bored or without satisfying vegan eats.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: If you’re looking for traditional Thai and Western eats side-by-side, head to Goodsouls Kitchen for delicious vegan burgers, soups, curries, and more.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

prague veganLightning-fast reliable internet and top-notch transportation within the city are just a couple of reasons Prague belongs on your vegan digital nomad travel list. Despite its meat-heavy traditional cuisine, Prague’s vegan food scene is growing rapidly and its number of vegan restaurants per capita actually makes it one of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities

Can’t-miss vegan spot: Your stay in Prague is simply incomplete without a trip to Moment, where you’ll find flavorful veganised Czech cuisine and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

5. Canggu, Bali

canggu baliWorking remotely from Bali almost feels like a digital nomad requirement nowadays, and Canggu is the place to do it. Though technically a village and not a city, it’s an epic (and affordable) digital nomad hotspot nonetheless. Canggu features dreamy beaches, comfy villas, and more plant-based eats than you might expect to find in a small island town.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: You’ll get amazing vegan Indonesian staples at Vinny’s Warung, where the Nasi Campur (build-your-own meal) is a must to order.

6. Singapore

singapore veganThis city-island-nation might be on the pricier side, but Singapore draws digital nomads with its remarkably low crime rates, wide availability of WiFi hotspots, and convenient central location in Southeast Asia. Vegan in Singapore? No problem! HappyCow lists over 60 all-vegan options to choose from.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: NomVnom isn’t your average vegan fast food joint. The eatery boasts a seriously impressive menu and even provides a discount when you bring your own takeaway containers!

7. Portland, Oregon, USA

portland oregan veganPortland is known for embracing ‘alternative’ lifestyles. The city’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird”, after all. Where better for a vegan digital nomad to feel right at home? The city has an abundance of work-friendly cafes, gorgeous scenic beauty, and an utterly incredible selection of vegan food — not to mention the world’s first vegan mini-mall.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: Plant-based cheese is done right at Vtopia Cheese Shop, where you can eat your way through vegan cheese plates, melty sandwiches, loaded mac and cheese, and so much more.

8. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

pureto vallartaThough it has a smaller digital nomad scene than other Mexican cities, Puerto Vallarta is a great option for vegan remote workers, as you’ll have high-quality plant-based options, fast internet, and a reasonable cost of living to look forward to.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: Hit up Playa Detox for healthy vegan eats — including raw options — like fresh cold-pressed juices, sandwiches, salads, and the like.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon veganLisbon is an ideal place to meet other digital nomads, since it’s a top European city for those who embrace the laptop-work life. With dozens of vegan and vegan-friendly spots that serve up global cuisines alongside traditional Portuguese dishes, Lisbon is also a superb choice for meat-free eaters.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: If you want a cozy atmosphere and serious vegan yumminess, eat at Kong, where you’ll get solid veganised Portuguese food, a mean vegan fish and chips, and a delicious burger made with Beyond Meat.

10. Berlin, Germany

berlin veganBeing a vegan digital nomad in Berlin means having a plethora of all-vegan restaurants right at your fingertips, public transport that’s an absolute breeze, and well-equipped coworking spaces for all your remote work needs. While not the cheapest city on this list, Berlin’s sheer number of food and work options make it a favorite digital nomad hub for vegans.

Can’t-miss vegan spot: For the best vegan doughnuts in the city, check out Brammibal’s Donuts, where the WiFi is free and the doughnut selection rotates monthly. 

Know before you go

vegan travelNo matter what cities you ultimately decide to visit, be sure to travel prepared:

  • As the wise vegan knows, it’s always helpful to pack emergency vegan travel food because sometimes (especially on the road between spots) there aren’t always options available.
  • Consult HappyCow for vegan restaurants and organizations based on proximity. You can also find nearby vegans right on HappyCow or search Facebook groups to find like-minded connections in each city.
  • Check out vegan travel guides, blogs, and similar resources to have all your questions answered about the best food, accommodations, and advice curated for vegan adventurers.
  • Refer to Nomadlist for digital nomad jobs and a regularly updated in-depth look at the top cities for remote workers based on 28 factors, including nightlife, safety, people density, and even LGBTQ+ friendliness and racial tolerance.
Safiyyah Bazemore
Safiyyah Bazemore
Safiyyah is a freelance writer, vegan foodie, and market research strategist who calls the U.S. west coast home. Apart from writing and eating, she's wildly passionate about building vegan community by hosting local 'eatups' and by sharing her love of vegan baking with everyone that crosses her path. Safiyyah is also a yogi, herbalist, and a nomadic soul on a mission to make the world a brighter, more compassionate place.