Are you having sustainable sex? 5 of the best vegan sex toys and accessories

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It could be time to rethink our beloved leather paddles and energy-consuming toys. Make your sex life sustainable with this guide to vegan toys and accessories.

What could be a bigger turn-on than sustainable sex?

A record 500,000 people pledged themselves to a vegan diet this January. Making this change has seen people flocking to their nearby supermarkets in a bid to swap their meat, eggs and dairy for aquafaba, vegetables and oat milk. But what about our sex lives?

Here are five of the best vegan and sustainable sex toys and accessories you can find:

The Gaia Eco



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The world’s first biodegradable and recyclable vibrator, The Eco promises to work against global warming but keep your sex life refreshed.

Crafted from starch-based bioplastic Biofel, this vegan sex toy uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than your more worn-out friend hidden in your top draw.

It boasts multiple speed vibrations and quiet usage, and is easily controlled by twisting a dial. The device is also compatible with both internal and external stimulation. For the lazier players, the toy can be cleaned simply with soap and water.

Whether it’s a moment of solo-pleasure or with another person, recycling just got sexier.

Dame Alu Aloe Lube 



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You’re relaxing in bed when suddenly, a shiver runs down your spine, you remember the teenage years spent listening to rumours that olive oil was a great lube. Times have changed, and hopefully, so have you.

Presenting Alu lube, the gift that keeps on giving. A water-based lube formulated to match the vagina’s natural pH balance, you won’t have to choose between pleasure and bodily health.

It’s made from aloe vera and natural plant extracts and is free of glycerin, parabens, hormones or sugars. It’s a lubricant that works with toys, conception and most condoms.

An ergonomic dream, Dame has also introduced Grip technology on the bottle, “a textured silicone lube koozie that hugs your Alu bottle to keep it within your grasp. No more slip-ups!” 

If you’re keeping things discreet, the packaging is both subtle and beautifully designed, easily fitting in a travel bag or on your shelf.

Maze Bondage

(£8.00 to £54.95)

If you’ve ever wanted to claim that your sex life is PETA-approved, then look no further.

Trying out consensually rougher sex but have no time for non-consensual cruelty? Maze proudly offers a vegan bondage range so you won’t have to compromise on how you like it.

Barcelona-based duo Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas launched Bijoux Indiscrets and, soon after, developed their first-ever line of bondage-inspired vegan accessories, under the brand name Maze.

Chic and sensual, this range includes pearl handcuffs, tassel floggers, shorts garters and other essentials. Keeping fashion at the forefront, these accessories can be worn inside and outside of the bedroom, if you dare.

CalExotics Solar Bullet


A solar-powered bullet vibrator is the toy you never knew you needed.

No batteries required, you can look forward to uninterrupted bliss after attaching the bullet to a power chord that charges a solar panel square. Using the solar panel also allows you to change the vibration strength.

If you still can’t figure out why this is a required purchase, what makes you sound more badass than saying your sex life is literally powered by the sun?

Woowoo Bliss Arousal Oil



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Using the natural benefits of CBD oil to heighten and stimulate sexual pleasure, WooWoo Bliss Oil aims to provide a moisture boost using the most natural of ingredients. Featuring aloe vera, germanium, hemp and Cannabis sativa seed oil, it’s recommended to use for foreplay and during sex.

Once applied inside the vagina, to the clitoris or inner and outer labia, the active CBD ingredient provides a warming sensation by increasing blood flow to the area. This oil is intended to be used on the body instead of condoms to boost arousal. No harmful or polluting chemicals involved to get the job done.

For more on sustainable sex, check out our Ultimate Guide to vegan condoms.

Larnie H Rose
Larnie H Rose
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