Sunshine Vegan Eats: the restaurant brightening up New Yorkers’ days

Born out of its founder’s journey of self-discovery and detox-fuelled veganism, Sunshine Vegan Eats is a foodies paradise for eaters from all walks of life.

The best businesses, in our opinion, come from a place of authenticity and experience. Yes, veganism is a pretty hot ‘trend’ right now and all things plant-based seem to offer potential for profitability (just look at the huge growth in the alt-meat industry for proof).

But what happens once the hype cools a little? That’s when genuinely invested companies and businesses will continue to evolve and operate, thanks to the legion of loyal fans they have garnered.

Sunshine Vegan Eats, found in the heart of Buffalo, New York, is one for the true believers.

Creating community

sunshine vegan eatsA simple 21-day detox was all it took for Sunshine Vegan Eats’ founder, Nikki, to convert to a plant-based lifestyle. What would follow was a journey, both of the mind and the body, with world travels and kitchen experiments opening up a world of new eating possibilities. Feeling great and wanting to share the benefits of the plant-based path, the idea for a community-based restaurant began to gain traction.

One of the main stumbling blocks to healthy eating and veganism as a whole is the perceived cost. Yes, being plant-based can be expensive, if you want it to be. But there are countless ways to adopt a conscious lifestyle without it breaking the bank. Sunshine Vegan Eats is a deliberate attempt to educate Buffalo that you can eat well, be healthy and still have money in your pocket. And the people are listening.

Why is Sunshine Vegan Eats so beloved?


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Serving up a combination of comfort food, reimagined home cooking and good old fashioned hospitality, the restaurant has successfully captured the hearts and stomachs of countless New York foodies. The menu is extensive, inclusive and well-considered, with a number of dishes becoming instant favourites:

Juices: A great way to get your stomach ready for a hearty feed, the juices are freshly prepared and varied to suit all palates. The ‘Heaven with a kick’ option will really zing you up, thanks to a cheeky jalapeno twist.

Tacos: Everyone loves tacos, but add in vegan shrimp and homemade slaw and you’ve got a serious winner.

Sandwiches: Hoagies, po boys, sliders. You name it, you can get it, and without any animal products to boot. The Impossible Niyah is the house special and for good reason, as even the most committed steak hoagie fans will be willing to make the swap. There’s also a Legendary Fish Sandwich, which lives up to its name.

Big Breakfast: The name probably says it all but for vegans in the Buffalo area with a serious morning appetite, there’s no other option. Vegan bacon, home fries and tofu scramble are just some of the components of your new favourite way to wake up.

A vision, community and ethical lifestyle all rolled into one. Sunshine Vegan Eats might have started as a dream for chef Nikki, but it’s now a very real part of the New York vegan scene.

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