Slutty Vegan founder, Pinky Cole, supports Clark Atlanta students with entrepreneurship

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Slutty Vegan founder, Pinky Cole, announced something incredibly exciting during her commencement speech to Clark Atlanta University graduates of 2022. Between her and partner, Varo Bank, NA Member FDIC, they will be providing every graduate with the ability to register a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to start their own business.  

The Pinky Cole Foundation

Cole is known for her innovation and is the Founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan ATL, Bar Vegan as well as The Pinky Cole Foundation. Connected to this particular university through her own education there, she was named Miss Clark Atlanta University while in attendance in 2009. 

Alongside her inspirational background, Cole is the youngest speaker to ever deliver the commencement address at CAU. In addition, Varo is the first all-digital, nationally chartered US consumer bank. Its aim is to help those, at all income levels, to build generational wealth and manage their own financial power.

Cole’s speech

During Cole’s speech to the over 800 students at the weekend, she told her audience: “It matters how you treat people. You are about to go out into the world. Some of you will own businesses, become supervisors and lead teams. You will be called on to push people to realise greatness that they might not see in themselves. And even as you hold people to the highest standards possible, you will still have to lead with grace.”

To inspire, Cole encouraged graduates to “fall, get up and fall again. Fall as many times you need to and get up as many times as you fall – knowing that with each stumble, you gained more strength. Each mistake got you closer to your purpose and destiny!”


Known for her bid to change the world through her vegan comfort food, philanthropy and activism, she recently stood on the cover of Essence magazine, CNN, The New York Times, People Magazine, Forbes plus several others. 

The Pinky Cole Foundation was set up to provide a roadmap for black economic progress, achieved through the leverage of economic opportunities, successful risk-taking and innovation. In addition, Cole recently hit the headlines by raising $25m in a Series A funding round, with funding backed by Enlightened Hospitality Investments and New Voices Fund

We are so excited to hear about the graduates who take up this opportunity offered to them as well as the next endeavour of Pinky Cole.  


Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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