Bolt Beauty launches vegan seaweed capsules

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Bolt Beauty, a vegan skincare capsule company, has launched four biodegradable products made from seaweed for on-the-go use. The business has released four capsules: a cleanser, moisturiser, a vitamin A retinol serum and a skin-perfecting serum.The vegan seaweed capsules are being heralded as must-have beauty bag additions.

This cruelty-free company is certified by PETA and believes skincare should be ‘zero hassle’, simple, safe, and effective. Created by Lisa Marie Sexton, the founder had trouble finding the right products that were accessible to carry to the gym, work or even planes. And it was after being unable to take skincare to her holiday that Sexton launched Bolt Beauty. Made in Italy, each capsule contains 0.31ml of skincare and is zero waste. After using each tablet, you simply put the empty container in boiling water, and it will dissolve there and then. Or you can throw them into your compost bin, and they will biodegrade by 70% in less than two weeks.

The seaweed used to make the capsules are called carrageenan. It is an additive used to thicken, emulsify, and preserve food and drinks and is a natural ingredient derived from red and purple seaweed. Carrageenan is used as it is not only all-natural, but it has a zero-carbon footprint and helps small-scale farmers. 

The beauty business is also committed to being carbon neutral, with their operations, manufacture and distribution all having reduced carbon emissions to help tackle climate change.

To take your capsules on the go, Bolt Beauty has also launched a ‘stackable’ set, which are small jars that you can keep in your bag and carry up to 10 tablets in each container, tying to the idea of ‘travel-friendly’ skincare.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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