Seedrs goes vegan – the three vegan brands currently overfunded

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Seedrs is a UK based equity crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise capital from non-institutional investors. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed three vegan brands that have not only funding on the platform, but all campaigns are currently overfunded. 

Grazer – plant-based dating and friend-finding app

Image credits: Grazer

With 11-days remaining (at the time of writing), Grazer, the UK-based dating and friend finding app has raised 110% of their £400,000 funding goal. 

Having landed in the top 50 lifestyle apps on the App Store and the Top 101 on Google Play, Grazer has captured the hearts and minds of Seedrs investors. 

Led by CEO Lewis Foster and CMO Charlotte Elizabeth Porter, the successful funding should do well to put Grazer on the map. 

But can Grazer compete with Veggly? Widely regarded as the world’s leading vegan dating app, Veggly currently has over 45,000+ UK users. With this new investment, the battle for the UK’s top spot is definitely on. 

Click here to visit the Grazer campaign on Seedrs.

One Planet Pizza – the future of pizza

Image credits: One Planet Pizza

Last week, we reported that One Planet Pizza was 75% of the way to hitting its funding goal. Today, the vegan frozen pizza company has surpassed the £200,000 campaign target and are currently at £226,500 with over 2-weeks remaining on their campaign (18-days to be exact). 

The family-run business was founded by father and son duo Mike and Joe Hill.

Startups of any kind are a challenge, but frozen food startups are even more challenging. However, the team at One Planet seems to have what it takes to persevere as they eye further expansion. Currently stocked in hundreds of outlets across dozens of countries, One Planet has sparked the interests of  Seedrs investors yet again, this being their 2nd successful campaign on the platform. 

No strangers to innovation 

A key part of One Planet Pizza’s success has been its ability to create partnerships with key brands and stay relevant all year round. In the past few months alone, One Planet Pizza has partnered with the fast-growing vegan fried chicken brand, VFC, and popular alt-meat brand THIS™ for a Crustmas Feast which also featured Violife cheese. 

Post-funding, we are looking for a strong 2022 from the One Planet Pizza team.

Click here to visit the One Planet Pizza campaign on Seedrs.

Vegums – shaking up the supplements industry

Image credits: Vegums

Vegums, the final brand on our list, are currently at 108% (£248,643) of their £230,001 funding goal. 

Similar to One Planet Pizza, this is not Vegums’ first rodeo. Vegums have achieved carbon negative status in the UK, and are “all about nurturing your nutrition while supporting a sustainable lifestyle” – their words. 

As the name suggests, Vegums creates vegan gummy bears. The brand has a range of products which includes Iron, Multivitamin, Fish-free Omega-3 and more. 

With the growing number of people transitioning to a 100% plant-based diet, Vegums sits in a great position to accelerate growth. Vitamins are always a cause for concern among newly transitioned vegans and with their subscription model, we wouldn’t be surprised if the impressive growth continues for Vegums as they look to expand.

Click here to visit the Vegums campaign on Seedrs.

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson is an entrepreneur and founder of The Vegan Review. Damoy is dedicated to spreading veganism to the masses which he believes will enable people to make better, more informed decisions concerning the way we all interact with animals and our planet.