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Valentina Nieddu

Is Peta’s Face Mask Good For The Cause?

During this time of fear and uncertainty, everyone is seeking protection and solutions against the spreading of COVID-19. As a consequence, two goods have...
Valentina Nieddu

Vegan Under Lockdown: The Coronavirus Challenge In Italy

It is no secret that Italy is experiencing one of the most difficult times after the second post-war period with the coronavirus challenge. Every...
Gozde Elidemir 

Vegan cleaning products to keep your home cruelty-free

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, there has been an emphasis on the need to keep clean. While cleaning products are easy to obtain, many of...
Olivia Rafferty

The Coronavirus’ Link to the Wild Animal Trade

More and more articles are coming to the surface regarding the coronavirus and its link to the wild animal trade.  With over 110,000 cases and...