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Alice Johnson 

Are vegan meat alternatives sustainable for the planet and us?

According to Nielsen, the sales of fresh plant-based meat alternatives in America have increased by 279.8% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. What’s...
Alejandro Meola

Bear bile: A dangerous business for Asian wildlife

"Our treatment of bears and other wild animals is cruelty and abuse on an industrial scale. It has to end now – by putting...
Sean Barrs

Vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashes Marathon Des Sables distance

Marathon des Sables - The 250km Desert Marathon Marathon des Sables has been postponed until September because of Covid-19, but vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashed...
Alice Johnson 

Can veganism really save us from future pandemics?

The non-vegan pandemic. It's here and that's what it is being called, by some circles. If you’re part of a vegan network, then over...
Alejandro Meola

“Silicon Valley Of Asia” Bans Wildlife Consumption 

Chinese Wildlife Consumption Ban “This really could be a watershed moment in efforts to end this brutal trade that kills an estimated 10 million dogs...
Olivia Rafferty

Why Vegans Should Be Leading The Way With Social Distancing

With over 1.1million cases worldwide, it is evident everyone needs to do their own part in minimising the effects the coronavirus pandemic is having.   One...