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Damoy Robertson

Demands on USDA to slow down kill speeds at slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouse kill speeds came under the microscope today, after a letter was sent to members of the United States Congress by a group of...
Damoy Robertson

Vegan Dough Co. partners with Deliveroo

Vegan Dough Co. and Deliveroo launched a dynamic duo with plans on launching a delivery system in London amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Plant-based meatless...
Damoy Robertson

Community Solidarity programme hands out thousand of groceries

The countries largest all-vegetarian hunger relief food programme Community Solidarity donated ten of thousands of pounds of groceries in Hempstead Long Island, New York,...
Alejandro Meola

Traditional Chinese medicine: A wildlife killing machine

Wildlife Exploitation As we have seen previously, wildlife exploitation across Asia is a problem with consequences going beyond the danger of the wildlife itself. The traditional...
Sean Barrs

The Importance of Social Media Activism During The Lockdown

Would worldwide veganism have prevented the coronavirus? With the threat of Covid-19 and the lockdown implemented globally, more and more people are opening up to...
Diana Buntajova

Can Pets Spread The Coronavirus?

Pets are one of the most loyal companions, beloved by many. There is scientific evidence that they decrease feelings of loneliness and anxiety. But...